Good Morning. I'm Awake. Painstakingly Awake.

What's going on, people? What's happening in the world right now?

I feel it. Do you?

Something is changing...brewing...and it's not just the unprecedented wrath of Mother Nature, but maybe she's feeling it too.

It feels like a silent army is being formed.

People are waking up.  Women, especially, are becoming emboldened, fearless, fed up and empowered.

We're starting to realize something's been off for far too long and we're ready to straighten it out.

It's not easy to articulate the energy that I feel, I just know it's there and it's growing.

Maybe the change is just within me.  Maybe it's all in my own head, but they say perception is reality.

To put it in one's a strength.  Something wonderful and glorious and so strong is building.

I've never felt more connected to my fellow woman, human.  I've never felt more alive.

It's like I've awoken from a deep sleep. I'm driven, anxious...busting with ambition.

I look in the mirror and for the first time, I don't cringe, I smile.  I make a decision and for the first time, I don't second guess it.When I have to leave my kids for work or play, I don't feel guilty. I know I'm doing a good job. A great job.

Interviewing these women, hearing their fierce stories and their victories, are giving me life.

I'm working in the middle of the night, all day and most nights, barely sleeping, taking amazing care of my children and creating daily family why am I never tired? In fact, I can barely fall asleep.  When I do, I wake up feeling refreshed.

Maybe it's this 'thing'.  Maybe I've been meant to do it all along.  I've tapped into an endless supply of life-giving energy by tapping into the hearts and souls of strong women.

Join me, please. Join me in this empowering, judgment-free place.  Leave your former self behind.  The one you didn't trust or appreciate or respect enough.  The one you've abused and criticised and self-sabotaged.Leave her down there.

There's an amazing view from way up here.

-Laura Diaz


"Face Of A Feminist" is a non-profit I started to empower women and girls through inspirational videos.

I interview women from all walks of life and edit the stories, then post them every Wednesday.

If you'd like to support, add Face Of A Feminist on Facebook & Instagram ... is up and there will be apparel for sale in the next few weeks.

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