How To Literally Shave Off 5 Years

For Under $7 You Can't Beat It

Let me start by saying I am NOT PAID to say this.  I'm not even getting the damn product for free (although I think I should because I tell everyone I know).

I was searching online about how much dermaplaning was...spoiler alert: it's expensive.  

It's like 75-150 dollars to go into a beauty salon and get it done with a professional.

Dermaplaning is just a type of facial exfoliation that uses a scalpel to gently scrape off the top layer of dead skin.  The end result is supposed to be a brighter, smoother complexion.  It also essentially shaves your peach fuzz off your face which helps with giving you more of a 'glow'.

Naturally, I Went To Amazon For Help

I figured if it's just a razor that does the job, why can't I do it myself?  Amazon, like usual, came through for me!  After reading the reviews and deciding on a cheap little product, I WAS HOOKED.

This little thing does the job and it's cheap! You get three razors in the pack and I felt like after I used it once, I looked 5 years younger.  My sister actually asked me if I had gotten plastic surgery!

At 35, I've got to take better care of my skin and this little product is great to shave off the years (and peach fuzz which I hate).  

The photo below is the one I use but there are lots of other options...I just can't tell you if they're good or not cause this is the only one I've used.

Feather Flamingo Facial Touch-up Razor

Feather Flamingo Facial Touch-up Razor

Post-Razor Face

Post-Razor Face

Vitamin C Is My Next & Last Step

I just started going to a new dermatologist (a woman who has an all-female office by the way, woop woop) 

She said buying super expensive products isn't necessary if you don't have the money to spend but still want a good 'post-face wash' product for your face and neck.  All you need, according to her, is Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid serum to refresh your skin and give it the vitamins it needs most.

This is the one I ended up buying on Amazon and it's magical.  Between the face razor and this serum, I feel so refreshed and my face is soft again.  I used to have no luck with face creams and my face would be so dry.  

Anyway, thought I would share these great little discoveries.  I don't get excited about beauty products often, so when I do, I want everyone to know! 

BOTH are sold on Amazon and both are reasonably priced.  But again, there are LOTS of other products just like these... 

Hope I helped! Have a great day! 

Vitamin C Serum From Amazon

Vitamin C Serum From Amazon

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