Ashlyn Harris: "Being normal doesn't sound so bad"

"I've Missed Out On A LOT"

Ashlyn Harris is easily one of the best female soccer players in the world, but even though she seemingly 'has it all', there is plenty of sacrifice that goes into being great.

Pictured: Laura Diaz (Face Of A Feminist Founder) & Ashlyn Harris (Orlando Pride Goalkeeper)

In my sit down interview with her, she opens up about the glaring wage gap between male and female players, what she needs from YOU and what's next for her after she walks away from the game to which she's given her entire life.

"Just Show Up...Just Friggin' Show Up!" 

In the video above, Ashlyn talks about how parents are quick to tell her how nice it is for their daughters to have such a strong, capable female role model to look up to in their own backyard.

But, those same people, won't take the time to buy tickets and show up to the games.  

Support Is Easy, But You Have To Do It

I can relate to Ashlyn when she said people love what you do, want you to keep doing it, but then go on about their lives.  It's easy to get distracted and not want to be bothered. I get it!

I get emails, messages, comments on a daily basis from women applauding me for taking the time to empower women and educate the public on women's issues, but that's where it ends.

I can't do it in a vacuum.

The whole point of spending my free time trying to spread the word, is so that it does just that, spreads.  And I can't do it in a vacuum.  

Not to mention, real change can only happen when we all support one another.  We MUST show up, as Ashlyn said.  We MUST share/post/follow/subscribe whatever it is to show that women are WORTH IT.

When Wonder Woman became the most lucrative superhero film of all-time, I was so happy because people actually supported women in the LEAD ROLE with their wallets, where it counts!  And then to think Black Panther blew the top off the box office world with WOMEN & PEOPLE OF COLOR in lead further showed Hollywood that diversity SELLS!

I'll leave you with this

Obviously, for Ashlyn, she needs butts in seats at her games...

For Hollywood, we need to buy tickets to movies with strong female leads or watch shows doing the same.  Buy books from female authors...frequent female owned businesses!  You get the point.

For me, and this movement, I need follows/shares and listens to the new podcast I started with Marissa.

We get into women's issues, regular issues and just have FUN!  Your listen will give us the incentive to keep going on this endeavor... or as Ashlyn says, JUST SHOW UP!  

BTW, it's also available on iTunes :)