First Pics Of My Chunky <3

It's finally kicking in.... I'M GONNA BE A MOM!!

& i want to share every minute of thus pregnancy with you guys!

As of today I'm currently 12 weeks and 4 days & my due date is February 25th, 2020:)

On Wednesday Aug 14th i had my first ultrasound and saw my baby for the first time!!!

I honestly have no word to describe the feeling of seeing my little Chunky for the first time. It was a true wake up call! I think my brain finally registered that i'm actually growing s human being in my tummy!

Great news, all my test came back great! & my Chunky was extremely active during the ultrasound. It moved so much, it looked like it was doing the macarena in my tummy!

I know it's too early to tell but i truly think my Chunky looks like his dad Angel.

If you can tell by the pics, my Chunky has a huge nose (which i do not) and big lips (just like his dad)!

Coming up next week i find out the sex of the baby! Im planing something for the baby end reveal but could use your help. So feel free to drop some of your baby gender reveal suggestions :)

I honestly cant wait to meet my chunky & will be sharing my whole pregnancy journey with you.

Stay tune for more pics & prego updates. This journey is just getting started!

Check out more pics Below!

(Here's is my Chunky sucking his thumb!)

(Look at its little feet <3)

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