A Petrified Forest 2021 10/1 7:30pm Altamonte Springs, FL

A new Evil rises in the forest...

A Petrified Forest

1360 E Altamonte Dr

Altamonte Springs, FL 32701

3 Terrifying Trails for 1 price!

Oct 1st 7:30pm-10:30pm



- Derailed

Come aboard the Moonlight Express on its ill-fated maiden departure. The conductor, Cornelius Fisk, doomed the train by crossing the Wendigo’s land. Now your soul will join the passengers haunting the wreckage forever.

Terror goes off the rails…

- Sewn

Walk through the mind of the crazed artist Ida Steek. Daughter of taxidermists and skilled with a needle herself, she has a maddening urge to impress the Wendigo with her creations. Watch your step, for her freakish masterpieces are waiting for you.

Your sanity will hang by her thread…

- Unleashed

Enter the end of humanity and try to survive the wasteland of the apocalypse. If not deemed worthy, your body will be taken for the cause of feeding the ruler Saul and his court of the Wendigo.

In the end, all will fall to the forest… 

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