Every year XL106.7 help local schools with their fundraising efforts. We bring out the XL106.7 Cheapshots Basketball 2018 team led by Johnny Magic of Johnny’s House. Here’s how it works:

XL106.7 provides:

•        on-air and social media promotion

•        Cheapshots Basketball team

•        Vehicle and banners to make sure people know we are there!!

Schools to provide:

•        Gymnasium for the game 

•        Half time entertainment (10 minutes max)

•        Referees for the game

•        Handling of all donations and concessions that you may wish to sell

•        Advertising in the school to let students and faculty know what is happening

This is always a big success. The kids (and parents) always like to see our jocks play people they know in a game of basketball. Most of our games are played on Tuesdays around 7 or 7:30 p.m. 

To book a game please email with CHEAPSHOTS 2018 in the subject line. Games are booked on first come first serve basis.


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