How I lost 189 lbs - PART 2!


By the end of 2013, I was down to 110lbs.

And it wasn’t easy.

At one point everyone around me thought I was sick. (Which I kinda was, but that’s a whole other blog) lo

During my dieting, I did become more cautious of everything that I consumed.

What products I bought, and their ingredients.

I ate a lot of products that were big on fiber.

Veggies, grains, beans, and fruits with high fiber content.

And I forced myself to stay hydrated. (I strongly dislike drinking water)

I know a lot of people think of a”meat less” diet and get freaked out thinking of not eating meat again. Trust me, I get it. (no one loves baby back ribs more than me)

But if I did it, anyone can do it.

It took me about 90 days to stop eating meat completely.

So I was officially “meat free” by Mid-April 2013!

I started by weaving off the unhealthiest meats first, like beef and pork.

By the end of March I was so sick of eating chicken and tuna, my body just craved fruits and veggies.

Not gonna lie, I felt more energized, awake and Focus.

Sometimes, I had those “I NEED MEAT RIGHT NOW” kinda days.

But on those days, I thanked GOD for whoever invented meatless sausages. (If you never had one, try one. You’ll thank me later)

Those sausages give me life!

I don’t know about you, but my “sugar tooth” is AWFUL.

Lord knows I love me some chocolate, cotton candy, bubble gum, cakes, ANYTHING SWEET!

And we all know, healthy living and sugar don’t mix well.

So I became a pro a tricking my body into believing I was eating candy!

I would buy a melon, cut it up in small blocks, and drip a little bit of raw honey on it. (It’s crazy sweet, light On calories, and hits the spot!)

Till this day I’m obsessed with it, and full of fiber.

End of 2013 beginning of 2014, people really started to notice my weight loss.

A lot of them acted like they didn’t see me struggle for months, not eating meat. (Smh)

I literally had people asking me if I had surgery done, of if I was taking pills for the weight loss.

Some thought I was sick, and I even heard a rumor that someone thought I had a parasite lol.

I guess the change was that drastic!

I didn’t really notice the change, until I had to buy a whole new wardrobe before 2014.

I wasn’t working out during my diet, so it took me some time to assimilate my weight loss.

I also love to dress very comfortable, so wearing baggie/comfy clothes to me was not an issue. (Until my pants and undies wouldn’t fit)

My journey was an interesting one, but at the end of it all it was worth it.

I’m currently 130lbs and adjust my eating habits a little bit every day, to what makes me feel healthier.

Because if there is something I learn from this experience, was to listen to my body.

Listening to your body in general is essential. But even more when dieting.

So if your body is telling you that it’s that time to start think of eating better and living a healthier life.

I have made sure to share below, the links to my favorite recipes.

I truly hope this blog gave you a better insight on my weight loss journey.

And that you continue to follow my journey, as I continue a healthier way of living.

I will continue to share my process with you guys.

Even more now, that I will be focusing more on the toning aspect of my weight loss.

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Thank you for taking time to read this blog.

& remember that:

“Every new day, is another chance to change your life”

Stay positive, focus & motivated.