Best Halftime Show Ever?

Was JT The Best Halftime Show Ever?

Well that depends on who you ask. I don't think I have ever seen so many people split on something... If you take a quick look at social media, either people loved Justin's performance... or hated it... And the people that hated it... REALLY hated it... Some people took offense to his Prince tribute... some people are still mad about the Janet Jackson drama... and some people won't be happy unless *NSYNC goes everywhere that Justin goes.

What Did I Think?

First of all... I wasn't offended... because well, I don't get offended by everything that everyone does every day... I do know that Prince is on record saying he is not down with holograms of dead artists being used... and there wasn't one used last night... I also know that if Justin ignored the fact that the game was in Prince's hometown he would have been destroyed on social media for that... He couldn't win... And since I am a Prince fan, I thought it was pretty cool... 

I also don't hold a grudge about the whole Janet Jackson thing... they both messed up... they both took some heat... but Justin was the one with is chest hanging out... and if you don't think that was planned well before it happened by one or both of them you're crazy...

The performance overall was solid... I have been to two JT shows and that's what they look like... lots of energy... lots of moving parts... lots of crowd interaction... I wasn't blown away... but I wasn't disappointed either... it was a great halftime show...

Best Of All Time?

So I liked JT's a lot... but it's not my vote for Best Of All Time... BUT... Justin Timberlake is part of the Halftime Show that I think will be pretty hard to beat.

In order my favorites are Prince... Michael Jackson... and maybe the greatest collection of Pop Stars ever assembled... The 2001 Halftime Show...

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