Back From The Future

Great Scott!

Let me start by saying that I believe in Aliens... and I believe that clearly they are far more advanced than we are... In fact, I believe that most major discoveries can be linked to visitors from another planet... but all of that is for another day... Right now I am a little excited about the idea that this guy in Minnesota is an actual Time Traveler... who has come BACK FROM THE FUTURE!

His name is Noah and if you buy his story, he is her from the year 2030... Noah says Time Travel was invented in the year 2028 (by Alien visitors no doubt)... He also says Trump will win again in 2020... and we will travel to Mars in about 10 years...

Before you call him crazy... you should know that he PASSED a Lie Detector Test!!!!

Check out more information about the future and read the whole story HERE... Be be careful... Doc Brown says knowing too much about your future can have disastrous consequences!

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