The Bachelor Episode 2 Recap *SPOILERS*

I'm sure I wasn't the only one who spent Tuesday-Sunday thinking about The Bachelor nonstop. I NEEDED to know what happened between Hannah Brown and Pilot Pete. Did she move into the mansion or did Pilot Pete send her packing??? Let's get into it.....

Episode 1 ended in quite the cliffhanger if I do say so myself. I'm still so annoyed with Hannah Brown thinking she could just waltz back into Peter's life as if she didn't already choose Balloon Head Jed then ask out Tyler C???? The disrespect to Peter is something I find personally offensive. Episode 2 picked up right where we left off in Episode 1, and it looks like someone finally gave Hannah a makeup wipe. Peter and Hannah are a little too close for comfort, Hannah even climbs onto his lap at one point. Peter finally remembers that he is indeed on a group date, and decides to head back to the girls....covered in glitter from Hannah's dress. I think it's safe to say that this is *hopefully* the last we'll be seeing of Hannah Brown this season.

Once Peter goes back to the group date, he tells everyone how sorry he is that he just cannot continue with the date but still is looking forward to meeting up later in the evening. I guess the only good thing about this is we didn't have to sit through anymore awkward sex stories. Some of the girls handled this news a lot better than others, but Sydney and Natasha? Not so much. If I were in their shoes I'd be pretty mad too. Here they are, finally getting some time with Peter to only have it ruined by his ex. For many of these girls, it was only their 2nd time seeing Peter and also their 2nd time seeing Hannah. Before Peter enters the room, they're all sitting around discussing their concerns on whether or not he's actually ready to find love with someone else. Finally he branches off to talk to each girl one on one and again, Sydney and Natasha do not hold back.

When it's McKenna's turn, their one on one starts off with some awkward dancing without any music. This quickly turns into a make-out sesh since ya know, Pilot Pete is clearly a big fan of the make-outs. He even lifts McKenna up onto a table to make things a little steamier. At this point, I feel like making-out with Peter really doesn't solidify anything. The guy is just playing tonsil hockey left and right. I think McKenna was convinced she would be the one to get the group date rose but again....ya weren't the only one making out with Pete that night. Sydney gets the rose for actually having a real, in depth conversation....who wouldn't known Pete's actually into that kind of thing???

What happens next is easily one of the greatest scenes in TV history...some of you may know it as the Champagne Gate. All of the girls are getting ready for Peter to arrive to the mansion, eager to get their own time with him since some really haven't gotten any at all. Before we get to the Champagne Gate, I gotta mention his time with some of the other ladies. I love that producers aren't trying to hide the fact that Peter clearly has a hard time remembering who every girl is. I mean, can ya blame him? There's one of him and 20-something girls. He sits down with Lexi and asks her to refresh his memory on what happened night one. Lexi was the girl that rolled up in the fancy red convertible. Ironically enough, he whips out a toy car from his pocket to give to her. Maybe he didn't forget her after all. What happens next you ask? They make-out of course. Now Lexi wasn't the only gal to get a gift from Peter. Even better than a toy car that she has no use for, he gifts Madison with a photo of her and his entire family in a nice frame. Now that.....that is cute. Madison is definitely a front runner at this point.

Now for the best part: Champagne Gate. We see Kelsey sitting with some of the other girls telling them what she has planned for the evening. Apparently home girl has had a bottle of champagne sitting on her counter for over a YEAR that she was gifted for her birthday. She hasn't popped that bottle yet because she was saving it for someone special....that someone is Peter. She sets up her little bucket of ice with the bottle and two glasses by the fire and then walks away. If you're gonna set that down and then walk away, you'd think she's walking away to grab Peter. Unfortunately for her, McKenna beats her to it. Instead of stepping up and going after what she wants, she lets it happen but then proceeds to talk about how unfair it is that McKenna gets more time with him. I think in this moment, Kelsey forgets that she is indeed competing with these women for Peter's time. Poor McKenna has absolutely NO idea what she has done....but she is about to find out. I feel like McKenna's entrance back into the room has kind of slipped right through the cracks. In case you didn't notice, she walks back into the room with a smirk on her face while holding a can of whipped cream and a bottle of syrup. I couldn't help but notice her chest area was looking a little sticky which leads me to this question.....what the HECK just happened and why wasn't this shown????? I need answers. Anyways, as soon as she comes back, Kelsey tells her how annoyed she is that she had already had time with Peter the night before. McKenna, being the innocent little puppy-dog-like-girl that she is, responds in such a sweet way. She tells Kelsey she respects her telling her for telling her how she feels, and that she didn't mean to be disrespectful by pulling Peter away but again...they're literally competing for this guy. Can ya blame the girl for taking any chance she can get? For what ever reason, this sets Kelsey off and she proceeds to rip poor little McKenna to shreds, even calling her a snake. Just when we thought the drama has come to an end, we realize it is just getting starting. After a quick touch up to her make-up, Kelsey gets back out there eager to pop this bottle with Peter. Next thing ya know, Hannah Anne swoops on in and b-lines it right to this bottle of champagne. Now, I've already declared Hannah Anne as my enemy this season and I stand by that but in this situation, I really don't think what happens next was intentional. As Kelsey is back sitting with the girls, giggling over this champagne bottle she still has yet to open, she hears a pop. That pop, is her bottle....being opened by Hannah Anne. If you thought Kelsey lost it on McKenna, you haven't seen anything yet. As soon as that bottle is heard being popped open, all hell breaks loose. Kelsey walks over to investigate and as soon as she's just feet away from Hannah Anne, Peter, and the bottle of champagne, she lets out a soft "excuse me" then proceeds to walk away crying. In this moment, I can't tell if Kelsey has simply just had too much to drink and is an emotional drunk or if she just an actual train-wreck. She just spent the entire night complaining about not getting any time with Peter and this is the impression she's gonna make? Not a good look. Peter, confused as ever, runs after Kelsey to figure out what the heck just happened. Tammy then makes her way over to Hannah Anne to let her know what she just got herself into and if she didn't already know, she is certainly about to find out. In storms Kelsey, tears and all, and she immediately pounces on Hannah Anne basically telling her how horrible of a person she is for opening this bottle of champagne that she had brought all the was from Iowa to share with Peter. Hannah Anne proceeds to tell her that she has no idea and Kelsey just isn't buying it. Peter pulls Kelsey away to figure out what's going on and what do ya know?? There's another bottle of champagne. Clearly it was just a mix up and totally not something set up by the producers, you know what I mean??? Peter pops the bottle to cheer her up and Kelsey tells him they don't even need the glasses because she's "not a classy b!tch all the time" .........I'll let you just watch what happens next.

What. A. Moment. You wanna know what that's called? That's called karma. Hannah Anne tries to go talk to Kelsey to let her know that she genuinely had no idea what that champagne was for. Now I had previously mentioned Kelsey ripped McKenna to shreds, but that's absolutely nothing compared to what she ripped Hannah Anne into. I gotta admit though, since Hannah Anne is my enemy and all, Kelsey telling her how fake she thinks she is made me a little happy. I believe her exact words to Hannah Anne were "I'm real and you're calculated" and I mean...she's not wrong. Little does Kelsey know, this is gonna come back to bite her in the butt.

Right after the Champagne Gate, it's time for another rose ceremony. At this point I'm almost positive that Kelsey is going home. Peter calls names one by one to hand out a rose to each woman he'd like to stick around. It comes down to his final rose, and Kelsey is just shaking in her boots. To my surprise, and I think everyone else's, her name gets called. Unfortunately, Lauren, Payton and Courtney are sent on their way...and then there was 19 women left.

Eight of those women that remain get invited to the next group date where they put on a little fashion show for Revolve clothing. The celebrity judges include original Queer Eye star Carson Kressley, Supermodel Janice Dickinson, and the chief brand officer of Revolve Clothing Raissa Gerona. I can't tell if the girls are more excited about the celebrity judges or the fact that they'll probably land some kind of deal with Revolve if they don't land Peter's heart. The winner of the fashion show is going home with thousands of dollars worth of clothing. After one hour of picking out their looks, it's show time. Meanwhile, Victoria F seems to be struggling with her confidence and what do ya know? More tears. Tears and make-outs seem to be the theme of this season. Once the fashion show starts, all the ladies start struttin' their stuff down the runway, all trying to win over the judges. It comes down to Victoria F and Hannah Anne, who have to go head to head to be the winner of the date. They walk down the runway at the same time wearing the same dress. Hannah Anne, being the ultimate villain that she is, not only flips her dress into Victoria F, but also has to stop and give one more annoying little pose, which was probably the deciding factor in her winning. If I rolled my eyes any harder during this moment, they probably would've gotten stuck in the back of my head. She. Is. The. Worst.

After the date everyone heads back to the mansion so the drama can continue. Victoria F is visibly upset and confesses to Peter that she's not sure if she's made out for this. It seems like she's spending too much time comparing herself to all the others and is really lacking self confidence. Lucky for her, opening up to Peter lands her the date rose and she is safe from elimination.

Next we see Kelsey and Peter sharing yet another bottle of champagne, this time using glasses. Probably a smart move on Kelsey's part. Hannah Anne just can't stand not having the attention on her and decides to throw herself a pity party. Once she hears how great Kelsey feels about where she stands with Peter, she decides she's gonna step in to change that. She pulls Peter aside to basically cry wolf about how she "cried herself to sleep" because Kelsey "bullied" her the other night over the champagne. At this point, I'm rioting. Hannah Anne is clearly trying to get into Peter's head to make Kelsey look bad and while Kelsey was 100% irrational over the champagne, she was far from being a bully. The bottom line is there are 19 girls under one roof all competing for 1 man. Not everyone is going to get along, not everyone is going to like you, and not everyone is going to hold back. I feel like Hannah Anne is probably so used to being the mean, manipulative girl her whole life that she just doesn't know what to do when the tables are turned. Peter pulls Kelsey aside to address the "bullying" that Hannah Anne claims she's done, and tells her that if that's the case it is not okay with him. I think it's safe to say that Kelsey is not happy and next thing ya know, the episode is over.

I gotta give it to the editors of this show, they really know how to end on a cliff hanger. Here's to another week of patiently waiting to know what happens.... In the meantime, let's talk Bachelor! Message me on Instagram or Twitter @detroitciara.

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