The Bachelor Episode 5 Recap *SPOILERS*

Last week’s episode was super annoying. After a group date of blood sweat and tears, the rose went to Alayah…..who was already voted off. I was almost positive one of these girls was gonna walk right out before the rose ceremony even happened.

The episode started with all of the girls sitting together and just verbally annihilating Alayah right to her face. At first, I honestly couldn’t tell if they were talking to her or about her because they were a bunch of savages. Next thing ya know, Peter swoops on in to steal her away to chat. He says he doesn’t care about what anyone else says because he knows she has an amazing heart (lie) and that she’s a good person (lie) and that they had such a strong connection but that everything that’s happened is just too much (truth). Finally, he realizes what a mistake it was bringing Alayah back for literally everyone involved and decided to send her home….again. We’re 5 weeks in and Pilot Pete has really done nothing but make-out with every contestant and feed into the constant drama they’ve caused. He’s taken barely any time to actually get to know any of these girls so who the heck cares who goes home at this point? I feel like the only actual connections right now are with Madison because she’s met his entire family already, Kelley because they’ve obviously hooked up before coming onto the show, and Hannah Ann because she just doesn’t ever go away.

None of the other girls have any idea about what’s going on and then all of a sudden Peter and Alayah walk out hand in hand. They’re all sitting on the couch just flabbergasted going “the disrespect” and little to they know he’s actually walking her out because she just got sent home….again. I mean really, any ounce of confidence that Alayah had left has just gotta be gone. Can you imagine going onto a dating show, having everyone in the house turn against you, getting sent home, getting brought back, just to literally get sent home again? I know I kind of declared Alayah my enemy but honestly…I might have to take that back because I kind of feel bad for her now. I don’t get genuine vibes from her but we also barely got to know her so how do we know she didn’t just get a bad edit? I feel like she flew under the radar until the episode that just demolished her…the first one that is. You can tell the girls finally realize she’s going home when their moods completely turn around. All of a sudden they just "hope Peter’s making the right decision" as if that’s something they even care about. What they care about is getting rid of Alayah, and they did. I’m sure Victoria P. is especially happy since Alayah was making her look real bad. I’m annoyed Victoria P is all like “I wanna trust him but I still have questions.” I’m sorry, ma’am… you have questions? I have questions. I wanna know how the heck she has completely lied about the entire Alayah situation and gotten away with it??? How do we know what else this girl has been lying about?? Probably everything! And now she has the audacity to say that she wants to trust him, and that she has questions???? I don’t like it. It’s not even 10 minutes into this episode and I already feel like it’s at the end. All this drama is exhausting and I forgot there hasn’t even been a rose ceremony yet. This cocktail hour quickly turns into the Pilot Pete Apology Tour I mean, the guy individually apologized to everyone and of course, had to sneak in a few make-outs. Now that we’re 7 hours(15 minutes) into this episode, it’s finally time for the rose ceremony. There’s 15 girls but only 12 will remain. Unfortunately for Deandra, Savannah, and Kiarra, they didn’t make the cut. When Peter does his toasts, he informs the ladies that they’re taking their journey international, Costa Rica to be exact. The reaction is much better than when they found out they were going to Cleveland, Ohio, that’s for sure.

Peter shows up to take Sydney on a one on one but first, has to tell everyone what happens to his head. He tells the girls he got into a fight with a puma and they literally all believed him at first. Then we get the real story...and it's no puma fight. Peter was on the back of a golf cart and smashed his head into the roof, then his head bounced off the roof and into the glass that was in his hand, splitting his head open and requiring 22 stitches. Glad Pete's okay...but that video of it happening was gold.

His one on one with Sydney starts with a nice helicopter ride over Costa Rica. They land in the middle of no where to a cute little picnic. Peter keeps telling her how much he appreciates her honesty and the way she looks out for him, AKA the way she tears everyone else down for her own personal gain. When they talk about their families, Sydney tells Peter that she speaks Spanish and then Peter says something in Spanish and you can tell Sydney just lied straight through her teeth and has absolutely no idea what he says. That's not the only thing Sydney lies about. She tells Peter her sob story about how she was bullied so badly in high school that she didn't go to her homecoming or prom. She also says she ate lunch in a bathroom stall everyday which is obviously a lie because that only happens in movies. They say the devils works hard, but Bachelor Nation works harder. It didn't take long for people who went to High School with Sydney to start posting photos from their yearbook on Twitter...

Now I could be wrong, but that doesn't look like someone who eats lunch in the bathroom every day. That looks like someone that probably made other people eat lunch in the bathroom every day. It's funny how Sydney was so quick to call Alayah fake but isn't that the pot calling the kettle black? Sydney...fake. Not a fan. There really isn't much more to their date other than dinner by the pool and a violent make-out session all over the place. With how steamy things were getting, something tells me there was a lot more going on there that wasn't in the cameras view.

Back at the house Kelsey is just losing it. She is so emotional and cannot stop crying at the thought of Peter dating other women. Someone needs to remind this girl what show she's on. Tammy tries to calm her down which really only makes things worse. Tammy feels like it's now her responsibility to tell Peter how crazy Kelsey is when he's not there. She's not wrong, but that's also just not her place and just ends up backfiring on her.

Now for the group date, which is a photo shoot for Cosmopolitan. They girls pose in pairs and then in groups with Peter and things are just weird. I can't stop thinking about how uncomfortable I would be in this situation. The editor chooses one girl that stood out to her, who gets to be on the cover with Peter and she chooses Victoria F. Too bad that Victoria F. has a pretty shady past, which ultimately resulted in the editor choosing to not ever use her on the cover. Group dates are all the same. There's very little talking, and a whole lot of making out. Kelsey does do some talking, and she tells Peter how hard it's been for her since her one on one in Ohio. Again, someone remind Kelsey what show she is on. Did she not realize Peter was going to have like 20 girlfriends at once??? After her little champagne fiasco, she should just be happy she hasn't gotten sent home yet. You can tell Tammy is feeling insecure and is starting to find any way to immerse herself into the drama to be noticed. I'm disappointed in Tammy. I was really rooting for her and loved that she didn't seem to care about any of the drama. Next thing ya know, she's the one causing it all. She goes to Peter and tells him Kelsey was having a mental break down and that she basically thinks she has a drinking problem. Not a good look Tammy, not a good look. Even more annoying than Tammy starting more drama, Peter feeding into it. This guys is way too easily persuaded. Maybe if he talked to these girls instead of just making out with them, he'd be able to form his own opinion without depending on the thoughts of others. Peter obviously brings this up to Kelsey which makes matters even worse. Kelsey goes back to the group to cry some more and everyone basically tells her that they think she's too emotional which just makes her more emotional.

The following day is Peter's one on one with Kelley. I said it before and I'll say it again, Kelley is way too normal to be on this show. You can tell she feels like she doesn't fit in with the other girls which is why she just tends to hide in the corner at times. Peter tells her that he doesn't feel like she puts in any effort and she doesn't disagree. She says she doesn't understand why he keeps rewarding the drama and makes her feel like maybe he isn't even ready for any of this, which is a valid point. Peter doesn't even realize that all of the time he spends catering to the drama is time taken away from girls who actually want to get to know him. Ultimately, Kelley must've told him exactly what he wanted to hear because she does get the rose.

The following day you see Tammy talking to some of the other girls about Kelsey, yet again. Meanwhile, Kelsey is getting ready to secretly meet up with Peter which I don't like. If these producers just allowed anyone to go meet up with Peter when ever they felt like it, it would defeat the purpose of the whole show. Kelsey felt like she needed to clear her name to Peter, which Peter really didn't seem to care about. He reassures Kelsey that she has nothing to worry about which just goes to show you that he really doesn't know her at all. She throws Tammy right under the bus, saying that Tammy is telling everyone she has a drug an alcohol problem. I did hear her talk about the drinking several times, but I don't recall Tammy ever saying anything about drugs. Another thing that's annoying about this whole situation is that Peter randomly finds a rose to give her. Does this guy have any rules???? IT'S NOT EVEN A ROSE CEREMONY AND SHE'S NOT EVEN SUPPOSED TO BE THERE. Kelsey walks back to the house all smiles to awkwardly tell everyone where she just was. To say the other girls weren't thrilled would be an understatement.

Everyone is ready for the cocktail party, just to have Chris Harrison rain on their parade. He comes to inform everyone that Peter has the clarity he needed and decided to just go right into the rose ceremony. I don't know what about this news made Mykenna's tongue fall out of her mouth, but I just want her to stop licking her lips. I want to cover my eyes and have someone tell me when it's over because it's weird. Speaking of Mykenna, I don't think there's been 1 episode that she hasn't cried in. She seems like a nice girl but she annoys me. I just feel like she's too young and naive to be there anymore and I wouldn't mind seeing her get the boot. She's always panicking about Peter not "knowing her heart" because she hasn't gotten time with him and yet, she really does nothing to get that time. Hearing that there's no cocktail party send these women into an absolute frenzy. Tammy starts calling out Kelsey, Kelsey starts calling out Tammy, Lexie and Sydney start calling out Tammy, and it's all just a mess. I wish Sydney would just mind her own business and keep her mouth shut. She seems to be the common denominator in majority of the drama and I'm sick of her.

Peter walks in and apologizes for canceling the cocktail party, but says he's feeling very confident in his decision. He's about to hand out the first rose until he's rudely interrupted by Tammy. Now she's pulling him to the side to clear her name that Kelsey had just dragged through the mud. Mykenna obviously starts crying again but dries up those tears real quick to go steal Peter from Tammy. Again, are there any rules this season?? The producers and Peter need to get this show under control before all of these women eat them alive. Now that everyone's done interrupting, the roses start flowing. Going home at the end of it all is Lexie and Shiann. I'm not surprised to see Shiann go, but I am kind of surprised about Lexie.

Overall, I think Peter just has no idea what he's doing. I don't want to say that it's a bad season, but it is an annoying season. This is my first Bachelor season going all in and it's definitely different from a Bachelorette season. I hate to be that girl that talks about how girls are so much drama but really...these girls are so much drama.

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