The Bachelor Episode 6 Recap *SPOILERS*

Ahhhh finally, an episode of The Bachelor that I am satisfied with. This has gotta be the most dramatic season to ever air but hopefully that changes now that most of the drama has left. Don't get me wrong, I definitely enjoy the drama...just not this much of it.

Episode 6 kicks of in Chile and Mykenna is crying within 3 minutes. Victoria F talks about how annoying it is that she cries all the time which is odd coming from someone who cries just as much. Peter shows up to whisk Hannah Ann off on a one on one date. I almost forgot Hannah Ann was here to be honest. I know I declared her my enemy but after seeing some of the other trainwrecks in the house, Hannah Ann ain't lookin' too bad anymore. I feel like Hannah Ann doesn't really have any depth to her though. She reminds me a lot of Luke P in a sense of just being a people pleaser. When Peter asked her earlier on in the date if she's ever been in love, she said she's felt love but never been in love. I know there's a difference between loving someone and being in love with someone and I think that's what she meant, but I just also feel like she's saying what she thinks Peter wants to hear. You can tell Peter is definitely into her but is kind of questioning whether or not she's ready for something serious. When he asks her what her goals are family wise and career wise, she says she hopes to continue modeling then gives some weird analogy about catching minnows. Again, I feel like she's just saying things she thinks Peter wants to hear without even knowing what she's actually saying. When Peter's asking her questions about how she knows she's ready, it seems like she's talking and reacting as if she's in a job interview rather than a relationship. Things definitely aren't panning out the way she thought they would because Peter decides to excuse himself from the table. He's really starting to question whether or not they have that deep connection, something beyond just the perfect facade she projects on the surface. You can tell Hannah Ann goes into panic mode so what does she do? She cries. She cries and goes after Peter to tell him she thinks she's falling in love with him and apparently that's all Peter needed to hear. I was listening to a podcast today where they were talking about The Bachelor and they had mentioned that Peter's love language is crying, and I couldn't agree more. He says he wants these deeper connections which you get from conversation, not from crying but anytime someone cries he folds and immediately gives them a rose.

Back at the house, the rest of the ladies get a card with names for a group date. Going on the group date is Sydney, Natasha, Kelsey, Victoria P, Madison, Tammy, Kelley, and Mykenna. That means Victoria F is getting yet another one on one date, which is kind of a slap in the face to Tammy, Natasha, and Mykenna, who still have yet to have a one on one date. It's not shocking to see that this makes Mykenna cry, I mean at this point what doesn't? What I am shocked to see is her telling Kelsey that she's thinking about going home...

The ladies meet Peter on the set of a telenovela and in this moment I'm so happy that I watched Jane The Virgin recently so that I really know what a telenovela is. Each girl gets a role to play and the acting begins. I'm not exactly sure what Tammy's role actually is, but I feel like it didn't need to be as aggressive as she made it. I'm not gonna lie, Tammy was one of my favorites but she now terrifies me. I love that Kelley is playing the role as the grandma and hits us with the "I'm just gonna say incest is best in this one" line. Was it weird? Sure. But was it funny? Absolutely. I'm team Kelley all the way. When the ladies meet back up for the night portion of the date, some of the ladies are mentioning how nice it's been not having any drama but they've definitely spoken too soon. Kelsey gets the first chat with Pilot Pete which leaves her feeling confident. I'm actually quite shocked he's so into her after everything that's happened. Victoria P on the other hand? Not feeling so confident. She mentions how she really needs some time with him to get some reassurance that he still trusts her and feels a strong connection. Well....that backfires. She sits down with Peter and brings up the whole Alayah situation, saying how she doesn't want her character in question and hopes they can get back to where they were before all that drama unfolded. Peter in return, kind of shuts her down. He explains that he did feel like they had a really strong connection at the beginning but he's not feeling it as much anymore. He says he thinks that she's more secure about them than he is, which is basically a nice way of him telling saying "I'm just not that into you." Wasn't really expecting this to happen, but next thing ya know Victoria P is going home. Victoria P was one of my favorites at the beginning, until she showed her true colors. Not mad to see her go...not mad at all. Finally we get to see Peter spend some time with Madison, which we really haven't seen much of since their one on one date in the first episode. Madison is definitely my top pick right now and I hope she wins it all. Back inside, Tammy and Mykenna are going at it again which just ruins Madison's moment. For whatever reason, Tammy is just attacking girls left and right and I feel like she's going for Mykenna because she knows she's least likely to do anything about it. I know I've kind of bashed Mykenna, and it's not that I don't like her, I just... I don't know. I don't know how to really describe Mykenna. The only thing that comes to mind is that she's like a puppy dog. I feel bad for her and I don't like watching Tammy attack her but I just want to see some rage out of her without the tears. I want her to stick up for herself! Luckily at the end of it all, my girl Maddie gets that group date rose.

Next up is Victoria F's date. Peter felt bad that their last one on one date was ruined by her ex boyfriend being there and decided to give her a chance to redeem herself. This date had a lot of potential but in my opinion, she bombed this one even worse than she did the last one except this time it was all on her. After they go horseback riding, they cozy up together on a little trailer. Peter is telling her everything that you think she'd want to hear, but for whatever reason it just confuses her more. She starts saying how much she likes him but almost retracts that statement when she starts saying she doesn't know if she should be there. Their night portion of the date really doesn't go any better. I don't know if Victoria F is just really insecure, or just really not into Peter, but I personally feel like she really isn't into Peter. I can see why their last one on one was hard for her, but this date should've been a walk in the park. All Peter has done is tell her how much he likes her and how strongly he feels about the two of them but it seems like the more he expresses his feelings for her, the more she pulls back. It's almost like she's purposely trying to push him away so that he sends her home. I could be way wrong but to me it just seems like she's not into him but is too scared to say it herself. It seems like the more she pulls back, the more Peter likes her since she did nothing but pull back this entire date but still got the rose.

The next morning, all the girls are shocked to receive another date card except this one is excited about it. The card read "Mykenna and Tammy, meet me at the cocktail party before everyone else arrives. Enough is enough, -Peter" which is not a good sign for either one of them. Tammy seems confident that she's gonna come out on top of this, but boy is she wrong. While the girls are awaiting Peter's arrival, Mykenna takes the opportunity to try and stick up for herself again which is painful to watch. Again, I'm SO happy the poor girl is finally trying but I just wish she could do it without sounding like a child arguing at recess. After they both chat with Peter about what's going on, he decides it's time to send one of them home and Tammy is sent packing. Mykenna thinks she's in the clear but she couldn't be more wrong.

Now it's time for the rose ceremony and I have no idea who could possibly be going home. Victoria F, Madison, and Hannah Ann already have their roses which means they are safe from elimination. Not safe from elimination is Kelley, Kelsey, Natasha, Sydney, and Mykenna. I was almost positive that if he was gonna send Mykenna home, he would've just sent her with Tammy but I was wrong. Mykenna and Sydney are sent home which hopefully means the drama is over.

We're down to only six girls now: Kelley, Madison, Natasha, Victoria F, Hannah Ann, and Kelsey. Now that things are starting to get real, let's hope we see more conversations and connections being made and less making out.

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