The Bachelor Episode 7 Recap *SPOILERS*

We kick off episode 7 in Lima, Peru. It seems like Peter is starting to kind of freak out realizing how little time he has left. With next week being hometowns, 2 girls will be going home tonight. The first date card comes and while Natasha is hoping it has her name on it for the first time, it doesn't. Not gonna lie, that's pretty messed up on Peter's part. He's gone on one on one dates with every girl there expect for Natasha, he couldn't of given her the first date card?? Rude. Instead, he takes Madison out on the town for their 2nd date.

Madison is a top contender and in my opinion, the only girl he's really formed an actual connection with. I guess that's what happens when you let someone meet your family on the first date. As per usual, his time with Madison is time well spent. She really opens up about what she's looking for in a significant other and expressed how important her faith is to her. There was some awkward silence to follow and I really wasn't sure what Peter was about to say, but he came through. Although he said that does feel like his faith could be stronger, he also confesses to Madison that he knows he's falling in love with her. IN LOVE WITH HER!! Pilot Pete dropped the "L" word for the first time and honestly, I expected more of a reaction out of Madison. She's clearly happy he said it because it secures her spot in the top 4 but c'mon Maddie!! Are you not falling in love right back? Either way, she still gets the rose which came as no surprise.

Up next, Natasha finally gets her one on one date and I'm excited for her. They explore the city and look like they're having a great time. Natasha has always been someone who isn't afraid to tell Peter what's on her mind and I respect her for it. She tells Peter she hasn't brought anyone home to her parents in 4 years and that her last relationship didn't work out because her ex thought she was too intense. Peter and Natasha click well, but the spark just isn't there. I feel like Natasha kind of got jipped with how long it took Peter to give her that date. I think if he would've spent more time with her in the earlier weeks it could've turned into something, but unfortunately her time is up. Peter picks up the rose as if she's about to get it, just to tell her that she's going home. I feel like the fact that they didn't make-out on their date was a red flag, which is why I'm not surprised that she's going home.

Kelsey is next to get a one on one which is great, but I still can't believe she's made it this far. I really thought the Champagne situation was going to get her sent home but Peter seemed to forget about it real quick. Peter and Kelsey's date is definitely the best one so far, riding four wheeler's through the mountains seems like a fun time. Kelsey opens up more at dinner about what to expect if she makes it to hometowns. She explains what her situation is like with her dad, and even mentions how her mom has no idea she's been in contact with him. All I gotta say is, I hope she tells her mom before her mom see's this episode. Kelsey gets the rose at the end of the date which means Peter is going to Iowa to meet her family. That's two roses down...two more to go.

There's only two roses, but three girls left. Hannah Ann, Kelley, and Victoria F. are going on a three on one date with Peter, and not one of them are looking forward to it. Hannah Ann is the first to sit down with Peter one on one and she immediately starts crying. As annoying as it is, the girl knows what she's doing. Peter is a sucker for tears and if you cry in front of him, you're pretty much guaranteed a rose. Hannah Ann decided to write down a list of all the reasons she's falling in love with him. This would've been decent if she wasn't snorting back her snot the entire time. Get a tissue Hannah Ann, no one wants to hear that. Peter grabs Kelley next to talk about where they stand. Kelley is the only girl who hasn't had a mental breakdown, and I think it makes Peter feel like she isn't as interested as the others. This blows my mind because Kelley is hands down the most normal girl here. I think her and Peter have had that initial spark all season but you can tell she's felt out of her element. Victoria F. sits down with Peter once she's done having her mental breakdown. Peter is trying to get the clarity that he needs before making a big decision, and for whatever reason this seems to offend Victoria. I honestly have no idea why this girl is still on the show. She's gotten the most one on one time out of anyone else here and has managed to mess it up every single time. If you ask me, Victoria F. really doesn't like Peter and is just looking for a way out. For whatever reason, the more she pushes Peter away, the more he pulls her in and it drives me crazy. Once again, their conversation goes absolutely no where because of Victoria's attitude. You'd think that Victoria is the one going home, but instead it's Kelley. I'm mad at Peter for this decision and I think he's probably mad at himself watching this back. I feel like we would've seen a completely different side of Kelley if she would've gotten a hometown, but instead we're stuck watching another week of Hannah Ann and Victoria F.

Next week we get to see Peter go home with his remaining 4 women. At the beginning of this episode, I would've bet money on Madison winning it all but after the previews for next week, I have no idea what's going to happen. The only thing I will bet money on now is Victoria ruining yet another one on one with her horrible personality.

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