Coney Island Restaurant Closing After 100 Years In Business

Photo: Getty Images

After 100 years of operating, one Michigan restaurant is closing its doors.

Red Hots Coney Island in Highland Park will be closing down in late July, the Detroit Free Press reported.

Before the restaurant closes, there is one major milestone they have to celebrate. They are celebrating 100 years in business on June 26.

Red Hots Coney Island owners Carol Harlan and Rich Harlan choose to close the restaurant because they are ready to retire. "Our bodies are telling us it's time," Carol told the Detroit Free Press. "We are closing on our terms not because the pandemic is shutting us down."

Red Hots Coney Island was started by Rich's great-uncle, Tom Nicholson, in 1921 after coming to the U.S. from Greece. Rich said he bought the restaurant in the 80s and has been making chili for 55 years.

Christina Coden, their daughter, posted a tearful video on the restaurant's Facebook page announcing her parent's retirement, but this is not the complete end of Red Hots. They decided to start a chili company, and their chili will be available in "grocery stores, farmers markets, and taste-testing."

As for the 100th-anniversary celebration, all are welcome. It is on June 26 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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