SideTakers with Emma and Zack!

Time for another SideTakers! This is where you hear a problem that's going in a listeners life and you pick a side! We don't give them a solution... you have to choose someone that you side with!

Zack told his son at the beginning of the year, if he saved $1000, he would help him buy a car at the end of it. It's almost Dec. and their son has only saved $150. He has bought ear pods, video game and in game purchases for his PlayStation. If he saved, he could have saved the money. Zack doesn't want to buy him the car

Emma wants to get him the car so that he can help with driving for the family. Taking his little brother and sister to different practices and even drive himself to work. Right now, this all falls on Emma because Zack works a lot, and his schedule isn't flexible. Emma spends most of her day driving and picking up kids. She works also but works from home. She understands that Zack is trying to teach him a lesson but no getting him a car shouldn't be the punishment.

Zack feels that their son feels entitled. They are doing well in life and he just thinks they should get him a car. He knows that he didn't save the $1000.00 but he saved, in his own opinion, enough to get the car. Their son doesn't understand why his father is playing games. Zack thinks his is a crossroad for their son. If they get him a car their son won't learn a life lesson.

Emma feels this is great but she can't keep up with driving the kids all over town. She needs some help.

Who do you side with on Side Takers?

If you side with Zack their kid won't get a car

If you side with Emma their kid Will get a car

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