Is There a Name for Universal Orlando's Next Park?

There are more hints that Universal Orlando's next park may have a name. 

According to a recently leaked image, that name could be one that first began making the rounds in whispers and rumors over the summer.

The leak, and the hint, is that the new park might be going by the name "Universal's Fantastic Worlds."

Universal has yet to say anything on the matter, and that's to be expected ... regardless of whether the hinted name is the one the park will choose, or whether it will be another name entirely.

Even less is known about what the theme of this park will be, or the number and nature of attractions it will host.

About all that is known with certainty is that Universal has marked a parcel of land for development of something.

The rest is merely a broad hint of what that something may be.

How accurate that hint may turn out to be is a matter that remains to be seen.


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