Fyre Festival Photos And Videos

The Fyre Festival was supposed to be Burning Man meets Coachella in the Bahamas but sadly it fell a little short...well actually very short of hitting that goal.  Did you even hear about this amazing music Festival?  No?  Ah, well that's because you might have come across the excessive price tag of up to $12,000 a ticket and said to yourself "Yeah, I think I will pass on this one" and it's probably a good thing you did!

The internet BLEW UP on Thursday and Friday with the hashtag #FyreFestival just like any amazing festival would do only the photos and videos being posted weren't smiling models having the time of their lives, it was pure chaos!

A brief glimpse as to what people were expecting when attending the Fyre Festival below.


What Really Happened At The Fyre Festival...told as if I was there. 


Yes!  We are here!  Ok, it's a bit chilly at night so let me go get my luggage before someone else does from the giant shipping containers.  Weird, but ok!


Ok, the luggage was a messy situation and man did I get an appetite fighting for my own luggage.  I can't wait to eat this gourmet meal I was promised!


That sandwich didn't really sit too well in my stomach.  Maybe I should take my luggage and go lay down in my luxury tent and chill out for a few.  

**moments later**

Ummmm....is there some wild virus going around this island because these look like disaster relief tents! 


Alright, that does it!  Where is the Concierge?!  I have some questions


I wonder if everyone else is going through the same thing here...let me check twitter.


Yikes!  Well, I think it's time for me to head out.  Let me head over to that locker where I left all my belongings. 


I hope people are honest around here because someone may have taken the wrong wallet and passport out of my locker.

That's it!  I am going home!  Heading to the airport.


"Ja Rule!  I called my parents and I am trying to explain to them where I am, can you help me?"



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