Woman On Train Bites And Smacks Dog

This disturbing video is making its way around the internet of a woman biting, yelling and smacking her dog on a train in Toronto.  Finally, after a couple of minutes of this woman biting and yelling at her dog, a fellow train passenger walks up to her and tells her she needs to stop now.  So how does she react?  She keeps saying to him "Pardon? Pardon? Thank you.  Thank you" until she finds out he won't leave.  Then things get ugly.

I hate sharing videos like this, but make sure you do something if you see this going on.  I wouldn't be able to just sit there and witness something so horrible.  Glad that guy had the guts to approach her to put an end to the abuse. 

Warning: NSFW Language.

How anyone could hurt a dog is beyond me.