How to make your cell phone battery last for days!

We depend on our cell phones during emergencies to keep us in contact with loved ones, for entertainment and to get the latest news on situations developing.  Taking these simple steps could make your cell phone battery last for days.  What's the harm in trying them?

1.  Buy A Battery Pack

Battery packs are usually inexpensive and can help give you that backup charging option you are looking for.  If you're reading this and the stores are closed don't worry!  We have plenty of more options.

2.  Charge Your Laptop, And Save It For Your Phone

Why would I charge my laptops during a storm when there are so many other things to worry about?  Well, your laptop has a powerful battery in it that can be used to charge multiple devices at once.   If you have an old laptop sitting in the closet be sure to charge that as well!

3.  Always Keep Phone Plugged In

Always be sure to keep your phone plugged into the wall as long as possible so that when the power goes out you at least will have a fully charged phone ready to go.  (Yes, even captain obvious would have thought of this one)

4.  Turn Off Radio Signals!

Go into your phone's settings and be sure to turn off WIFI and Bluetooth.  Why?  Because both of these features consistently draw power searching for a signal.

5.  Turn Off Push Notifications

Do you really need to be reminded that your Aunt Cindy sent you another invite to Candy Crush?  No!  Go into your phone settings and turn off as many push notifications as you can.  I like to leave on my weather channel app notifications in case there is an urgent message.

6.   Turn off and restart your phone to kill all open apps

Completely restart your phone.  Many phones will keep background apps refreshing including the Apple App store which will update your outdated apps non-stop draining your battery. 

7.  Turn Your Brightness All The Way Down

Do you really need sunglasses to see the screen of your phone that is brighter than the surface of the sun?  Turn down your brightness and you could potentially save hours worth of battery. 

8.   Car Charger (Obviously)

Leave your phone in your car charging ONLY if the potential emergency is over.  In other words, if your power is out and you're enjoying some leftovers before they spoil on the couch go ahead and leave your cell phone plugged in for a bit in the car. 

9.  Send Text Messages Instead Of Phone Calls

Cell phone calls eat up a ton of battery life and especially when the phones are trying to acquire the best signal possible for the call.  Skip the phone call and go with the emoji way of life to save battery.


Resist the urge to update Facebook and Instagram with your weather reports and leave your phone alone.  It's going to be hard to resist, but you will thank me later.