Internet Trolls In Real Life Video

What Internet Trolls Would Be Like In Real Life

So just what would internet trolls be like in real life?  It would be pretty straightforward, wouldn't it.  Imagine people actually just saying their negative thoughts straight to your face instead of behind a keyboard.  It would be scary and amazing all at the same time.  But first, let's back it up here and ask one question to you "Do you even know what an internet troll is?  You don't?  Pffff maybe you should not live under a bridge and get up to speed!" **totally trolling you right now**

What Is A Internet Troll?

For those of you who have literally been living under a bridge the best way to describe an internet troll is as following:  

You know when you have something awesome to share on Facebook or maybe an opinion you always wanted to express and when you post it some random person from High School whom you have never talked to jumps on and goes "pfff you have no idea what you're talking about".  That is an internet troll, or maybe perhaps just someone who likes to pull your strings.  (lord knows I have plenty of those)

But before you get all bent out of shape like "Yeah!  I hate those kinds of people".  You have to admit that you yourself have probably made a comment or two just for a reaction.  Every time my uncle posts a Trump post I almost always have to post a #ThanksObama gif just to mess with him regardless if I agree with what he is posting or not because man oh man I love that reaction.  All in good fun of course!


How To Deal With Internet Troll?

Do you really want my opinion on how to deal with internet trolls?  Yeah, you are really lost if that's the case.  Let's break this down into two tactics on how to deal with internet trolls.

1. Fight Internet Trolls with FIRE!

Exactly how it sounds!  Fight fire with fire or toe to toe with them but do so with a light heart and find fun in it.  The moment you take it too seriously is the moment you lose.  It's kind of like when you get cut off in traffic, flip the guy off and he just laughs at you and you are just fueled the rest of the day like **sob**.

The key to this tactic is sarcasm and acceptance.  Agree sarcastically to everything that they write with an underlying tone.


Ben: Dude, you just look like a fat slob next to your wife.
Me:  Dear Ben, thank you.  I studied your profile and it really looks like I can get some great fitness tips from you.  Care to share?  

Now slowly push yourself away from your desk, brush off your hands, brush off your shoulders and do a quick finger guns at the screen and walk away!


2.  Get Rid Of Internet Troll

Ok, so this tactic to get rid of an internet troll is quite easy.


I don't know how easy I can make those directions without contacting IKEA and having them draw you a diagram.  Just do it.  You will feel better all around after.  




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