Logan Paul Disrespecting Japan In New Video

Did Youtube Star Logan Paul Disrespect Japan Even Before The Suicide Video?

Let me first start off by saying that I am (or was) a fan of Youtube Star Logan Paul for a long time.  Logan first took over Vine with hilarious stunts that filled up 10 seconds of my day with laughter.  He quickly grew into a Youtube megastar with his Vlog and now has even appeared in blockbuster films such as the newly released Baywatch.

But entertainment is a tough business, keeping Youtube subscribers entertained is even harder.  So what is the solution to keep your audience entertained and clicking on your videos?  You go to the extreme.  You take that very thing that makes you who you are and you double down on it.  Unfourtantly in Logan Paul's case, he took his wild show and energy on the road to the one place where respect is a way of life... Japan.


What Happened To Logan Paul In Japan?

Japan's foundation is based on deep respect and there is nothing worse than another "loud obnoxious" American Tourist (anyone who has traveled overseas understands this quite well).  

Long story short, Logan Paul went to the Aokigahara Forest also known as the "Suicide Forest".  A thick beautiful forest that has been known as a top destination for Suicide.  While filming a Vlog for Logan Paul's Youtube channel, they stumbled across the body of a Japanese man who recently committed suicide. 

"We Found A Dead Body"

The camera focuses in on the blurred out body of a Japanese man hanging from the tree and pans down to his personal belongings neatly laid out beneath him.  

"Never Stood Next To A Dead Guy Before?"

The video was uploaded, somehow passed Youtube review and received MILLIONS OF VIEWS.   The video was also monetized which assumably made thousands of dollars.   Logan Paul has since released an apology video and has stopped posting new videos on his Youtube channel for the time being. 


Logan Paul Apology Video


Above you can watch Logan Paul's apology video he posted shortly after the internet frenzy.  I know that he is sincere in his apology, but as someone who has lost someone close to suicide, I couldn't imagine coming across a video online of someone joking and filming his body.  I can't imagine what the poor family of that Japanese man is going through.  Hopefully, this is a wake-up call for Logan Paul.

PS:  Don't act like a jackass when traveling overseas.  



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