Kim Jong Un Impersonator Causes Stir At Olympics


North Korea Kim Jong Un Impersonator Shows Up At Olympics In Pyeongchang

If there is one thing North Korea doesn't appreciate it's someone dressing up as their supreme leader Kim Jong Un.  What's even worse is when you and a Donald Trump lookalike attend the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang South Korea.

So who is this Kim Jong Un impersonator making his way through South Korea during the 2018 Winter Olympics?  None other than an Australian/Chinese man named....Howard?  You have to admit, he does look almost identical to Kim Jong Un.


Kim Jong Un Cheers with North Korean Cheerleaders?

North Korea has an army of cheerleaders attending this year's Olympic games.  They cheer for their teams at almost every sporting event and it's actually pretty awesome and you briefly say to yourself "Why can't we get along like this all the time?".

In comes the Kim Jong Un impersonator who stands in front of the North Korean cheerleaders and begins cheering with them during a hockey game.  At first, the North Korean cheerleaders have a shocked look on their face as their leader is somehow standing in front of them cheering with them.  Then they realize it's just some random lookalike guy and man oh man do people get pissed.  I mean come on, they have every right to be even though it's all in good fun.

Long story short, Olympic security teams come rushing in and roughly remove the Kim Jong Un impersonator out of the arena.  

Try to guess what this Kim Jong Un impersonators goal is...fame?  Not really.  North Korean awareness? Nope!

Howard aka Kim Jong Un impersonator wants to meet the real Kim Jong Un.  Good luck with that buddy.  


My Take:  Listen, the Olympics in my eyes are a time for peace and respect for one another and there is no reason to cause drama.  But I have to admit in this's pretty damn funny.  Oh relax its a joke!



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