Army Of Raccoons Take Over Man's House

Massive Army Of Raccoons Take Over Man's Home

Let me be the first to tell you that I am obsessed with Raccoons. I have always thought a raccoon might be a cool pet, but I can't trust raccoons because they could open my pantry in the middle of the night and eat everything in my house.  I could literally get lost in the thousands of videos on Youtube showing Raccoons stealing dog food, nipping people, and even taking over people's homes.  

Raccoons On Man's Back Porch

Apparently, this guy (wild guess that he is from Boston or New York) has been feeding these raccoons dog food at his back door of his house for quite some time.  Well, tonight the raccoons entire extended family must be in town for a family reunion because this guy opened the door to what looks like an army of raccoons at his back door!  See the video for yourself below!


This guy is in serious trouble if one of those raccoons has rabies or if they want to overpower him and take over his house forcing him to show up to the back porch every night asking for food. 

Raccoons invading home


This guy is feeding the raccoons on his backstep peanut and butter sandwiches.  He literally takes a break every night from what I assume is a marathon of CSI Miami or Animal Planet and makes the raccoons at his backdoor step peanut and butter sandwiches.  I mean that's super friendly and all but come on guy.  


What happens when you feed raccoons from your hand



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