Would You Consider a Mail-Order Bride or Husband?

Would you order a mail-order bride or husband if you became lonely enough?

Ok, so picture this (assuming this already isn't your reality), you're in your later years, you look back at your life and realize there is one thing missing...love.  It just hasn't always come easy for you finding someone to fall in love with and spend the rest of your life with, but you still crave the feeling of having someone else in your life.  You're sick of spending the holidays alone and sick of looking at your Facebook and Instagram with photos of happy couples spending their lives together. 

You have been trying dating app after dating app and still no success. 

So what do you do?


Suddenly an advertisement for mail-order bride (or husband) pops up on your Facebook feed showing a very attractive person.  

"A mail-order bride (or husband)?  Interesting, would my family know?" you ask yourself. 

You make the decision, place an order, she (or he) arrives in the states and you gather all your friends in a church for the following.


5 Facts About Mail-Order Brides (or Husbands)

So if you do consider ordering mail-order a mail-order bride or husband, here are 5 things you should consider first. 

  1. Do they really love me?  Often times the answer is no.  They are really just looking for marriage and possibly a way out of their country.  If you feel that you can charm the heart of anyone than by all means go right ahead.
  2. Lower Divorce Rate?!  According to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, mail-order marriages have a lower divorce rate.  Yes, you read that right.  Ordering someone online is a safe bet than finding love at your local Starbucks or spin class.  (I call bs on this one)
  3. Order or Browse?  You have two options for ordering the future love of your life.  You can either browse the dozens of websites online, select and order like you are ordering something off of Amazon Prime or you can join a tour that travels internationally to different countries to meet hundreds of choices.  Crazy right! (I would do trip if I were you because that sounds awesome).
  4. False Advertisement - Often times the internet and online businesses can be deceiving.  Besides the possibility of a scammer taking all of your money you could also end up placing an order for someone that looks nothing like their photo.  Similar to those dozens of Tinder dates you met up with that looked nothing like their photo.
  5. Don't Do It!  Take a trip!  Join classes!  Do anything besides a mail-order bride, (no offense to them) but you're better than that.  It takes time to cross paths with someone.  That time just simply hasn't come yet so have hope and get out there!


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