5 Festivals That Will Send You To The Hospital

5 Festivals That Will Send You To The Hospital

Sure these 5 festivals might potentially send you on a trip to the hospital, but wow do they look fun.  

5: Tomatina festival - Spain


There are two things I love to do.  

  1. Get rowdy in large groups of people and have fun with so much energy around. 
  2. Throw things...especially tomatoes. 

So this festival takes place in Spain and is called Tomatina festival.  Essentially everyone takes to the streets and just throws fastball tomatoes at one another.  It looks like a lot of fun and if you have a pitchers arm well then you're in for a treat. 

Potential Injuries:  Throw your shoulder out, a tomato in the eye or some bozo throwing a rock instead of a tomato and you losing your teeth. 

Want to go?  Well first, email me, then let's book flights and hotels.  Details at https://www.tomatofestivalspain.com/

4: Exploding Hammer Festival - Mexico


How would you like to take a sledgehammer, tape dynamite to it and hit a metal plate with everything you got turning the impact into an explosion?  Sounds like fun right?  Well, there is a festival in Mexico where you can do just that!  

Potential Injuries:  Loss of eyesight due to shrapnel, death by shrapnel, hearing loss, etc... 

Learn more about the Exploding Hammer Festival

3:  Baby Jumping Festival - Spain


I laughed when seen this screenshot but there is a festival in Spain where people jump babies in the street to cleanse sins?  I mean to each their own, but if that was my baby and you messed up and fell on my baby....well you are going to be in a world of hurt my friend and I hope you can run faster than me.  

It won't be hard to track these guys down either, just have to look for the guy dressed as a clown in a yellow suit.  To top it all off, the same guy who jumps over the babies chases people in the streets with a wood bat.  Still looks entertaining. 

Potential Injuries:  Bruised arms, concussion, stubbed toe from running from this wild man in his yellow clown outfit. 

More info on the Baby Jumping Festival found here on National Geographic

2: Gloucestershire Cheese Rolling Festival - England


Like cheese?  Enough to chase it down a hill while competing with dozens of other people sending your body into an uncontrollable roll?  Then this festival is for you!  

Apparently, they just line you up at the top of the hill and roll cheese down the hill...at that point, you chase it and end up rolling down the hill like you were tossed from a car on the freeway.  Needless to say, it's very dangerous, but man it looks like a lot of fun.

Potential Injuries:  Broken neck, broken bones, kneed in the groin and twisted ankle. 

Want to go to the Cheese Rolling Festival?  Details Here

1: Running Of The Bulls - Spain


Although the running of the bulls is viewed through many people's eyes as being morally and ethiclly wrong, it still continues to happen till this day.  

Long story short, everyone floods into the streets and they release a group of massive bulls to make their way through the streets smashing everyone and everything in their way.  Looks like fun, but incredibly dangerous. 

Possible Injuries:  Horn placement in areas where horns shouldn't go, broken bones, concussion, humiliation, and death. 



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