Inflatable Pub Takes Tailgating To The Next Level

You Can Now Buy A Inflatable Pub For Your Next Tailgate

We all know that person that completely goes overboard for their tailgates and no I'm not talking about Buffalo Bills nation and their wild wrestling tailgates like the gif below. (maniacs man)

You can now buy Inflatable Pubs! I know what you're thinking "Pshhhh come an entire pub?". Yes, that is what I am telling you. You know those giant blow up bounce houses that you see at kids birthday parties? This company took that concept to the next level and created massive inflatable pubs that can be blown up in just under 5 minutes which gives you just enough time to prepare the grill while the air compressor does it's work.

How much does the inflatable pub cost? Roughly between $1,200 - $5,000. View the Inflatable Pub store here

My only concerns: The inflatable pub floating away into the sky. The bonus? It could land in a nearby farmers field leaving him like "Ummmm honey, the lords answered my prayers and gave me my own bar!"

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