7 Annoying People At Your Work

I don't care who you are or what kind of job you have at some point, you have encountered one of these 10 annoying people at work.

1: The "Excuse, me. Have you been eating garbage" person


You know, that person that walks up and you say to yourself "omg, were they eating garbage before work? Yikes".

HOW TO DEAL WITH THEM: Chew gum all the time when around them and offer them a piece. If it gets bad, I don't know...sneeze in their mouth?

2: The Disgusting Bathroom Person


Argh, this one truly makes me sick. You know, the people that decide to not flush after using the toilet or they leave a nest of toilet paper on the floor. Really, just clean up after yourself! Oh, don't get me started on the toilets that have no toilet paper in them and yet someone did their business. It's like a ghost was there.

HOW TO DEAL WITH THEM: Honestly, there is no way to deal with someone that doesn't clean up after themselves in the bathroom because most of the time you don't know who they are. They could be anyone. Regardless, wash your hands as much as you can.

3: The "I'm too good to say Hi back" person


We all have been in that situation at some point during work. Your walking down the hallway at work, see that one person you rarely talk to but say to yourself "Ahh, hell, let's say Hi to be nice". The person is approaching, you give a smile, say "hi there!" and get nothing.

HOW TO DEAL WITH THEM: Kill'em with kindness. Challenge yourself to go out of your way everyday and mix up your greetings. If all else fails, give them a solid shoulder check to put them in check.

4: The "Close Talker"


Just like 90% of the world, I enjoy a good conversation with anyone in the office, at a comfortable distance. Sometimes, we all have to come across that person that makes you question yourself like "Dang, is that their breath or mine smelling like that"?

HOW TO DEAL WITH THEM: Easy...look right at them and sneeze. Lesson learned.

5: The "I'm Sick, But I Needed To Come In"


You know, that person that shows up to work with snot dripping from their nose while they're like "argh, yeah. Woke up with a headache and threw up on my way in". Excuse me? Stop spreading Ebola and go home.

HOW TO DEAL WITH THEM: Honestly, tell them to go home over and over until they do. If they don't, literally lysol everything you own, they're desk and even them if you have to.

6: The "Bad Odor" coworker


You don't know if it's their odor or if they have decided to cut back on their water bill by washing their clothes less. Either way, if you see this person getting on the elevator you opt for the 20 flights of stairs instead to avoid that nasty ride.

HOW TO DEAL WITH IT: Easy, practice your breathing exercises and learn to hold your breath for long periods at a time.

7: The "Always On Edge" Person


Oh, you know this person. They're the one that is always on edge and you have to tip toe your way around conversations with them.

HOW TO DEAL WITH THEM: Times 10 their intensity whenever interacting with them. Let them know they're is a bigger better nut case at work.

Obviously there are tons more out there.

Feel free to share your best below in the comments!

In case that stressed you out I included a video of the best office computer freak outs.



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