This Is How Quickly A Brush Fire Can Move

Firestorm Speed Catches Firefighters By Surprise

Regardless if you believe in climate change or not. The world is changing and natural disasters are becoming stronger and more frequent.

Now before your inner crazy Uncle Bob voice pops in your head like "What? That's nonsense and made up by them snowflake scientists. Just because they went to school for dozens of years studying it doesn't mean they know what they're talking about". Ok, Uncle Bob. Go back to your coloring books.

Images like below are what we will sadly be seeing more of in the future.

Take what happened in Australia for instance. The wildfire was described as being "Hell on Earth" as thousands of videos poured onto the internet showing wildlife and people desperately trying to make their way to safety as a wall of fire engulfed everything behind them.

This video titled "Firestorm Blows In At Terrifying Speed" is just an example of what happens when the conditions are right and the wind shifts ever so slightly sending a wall of fire towards firefighters.

Thank you to our brave men and women who are out there trying to