5 Ways To Avoid The Cold & Flu

5 Ways To Avoid The Cold & FLU

It's a scary time with the coronavirus spreading rapidly and what seems like everyone coming down with the FLU. Just the other day I was having lunch with a co-worker only to find out moments later she was sick in the bathroom with the flu.

You bet that as soon as I found that tid bit of information out I practically covered every exposed part of my skin with antibacterial soap.

So how can you protect yourself from the cold and flu this season? Well there is no full proof way sadly, but here are 5 easy tips that could help you avoid the cold and flu based on an article from Medical News Today.

5: Get Your Flu Shot!

Yes, of course you can still get the flu even after getting your flu shot. Regardless, it's still recommended by doctors as a primary defense against the cold and flu. Well, it's either that or mind control serum as some are led to believe, but not me ***nervously looks around room***.

4: Tell Karen To GO HOME!

We all have a "Karen" at our work (guy or girl). That person that feels as though they can't miss a day and can stick it out as they run back and forth to the bathroom to throw up and spread their germs everywhere.

Here are a few ways you can say it...

  • "Hey, you look a little flushed. Why don't you take the rest of the day off and feel better"
  • "Hey, you feeling ok? You know, Bob from accounting had the flu at work a few years ago. He still is called Mr Brown pants after the well you know accident that happened with him during the flu season that year.
  • "***mean mugging*** HEY! You look sick! Are you sick?! Get out of here then! Why are you being so selfish about this".

And if YOU are the one with the flu. Go home. For real, it's not worth it and there is too much to watch on streaming services.

3: Wash your hands

Argh... that GIF above gets me every time if you understand what he is actually doing. Ok, so you would think this would be a no brainer right? Wash your hands.

2: Keep Your Immune System Strong

Make sure you're getting plenty of sleep, eating healthy and exercising.

I mean, let's be honest here. None of us get any of that so I guess just do your best/

1: Walk Away

Walk away? What do I mean by walk away?


  • You're in a meeting, someone sneezes. Get up, hold your breath, push in your chair, and leave. Be sure to shake your head in disgust at the other person obviously.
  • You're walking down the street and see someone looking a bit rough walking your way. Go to the other side of the street. Simple as that.
  • You're at your favorite sandwich shop and the sandwich maker wipes his nose on his sleeve. Take that sandwich and spike it in the garbage. It's done.

Those should get you started, but really it just comes down to playing it safe and using your head.

Stay safe out there friends.

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