Koala Gets Kicked Out Of Tree And Gets Mad!

Koala Gets Mad After Getting Kicked Out Of Tree

We live in an 'Entitled" era, yeah I said it, we literally cry over everything and now I'm afraid it has spread to animals (not really).

This Koala (we'll call him Bob) was just hanging out in his tree minding his own business when another Koala (we'll call her Karen) showed up and was like "Hey, I'm taking this tree because the view is great and it's close to all my favorite places even though there is a tree just like it next to it". So Karen goes ahead and rips Bob out of the tree sending him to the ground.

What does Bob do? Does he go rip Karen out of the tree and reclaim his space? Nope, he just cries and cries some more. Some where there is a gofund me started for him I imagine.

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