5 Things You Can Do To Save The Planet

5 Ways You Can Save The Planet!

We all know the planet is on a collision course with doom when we look around.  Heck, probably half the people who came across this article were like "You know, I really don't feel like being depressed today so perhaps another day".  Well, when that other day comes it's going to be too late.  Our water is polluted, the oceans are dying, our food is contaminated, species are going extinct and should I go on?

So here are 5 ways you can do your part in saving the planet!

Save The Planet Tip #1 -  Stainless Steel Straws 


Stainless steel straws are durable and can be used almost an infinite number of times in comparison to the over 500 MILLION straws we use daily.  Just think about all that waste!  

Don't see the big deal with straws?  Watch this video of a fisherman trying to pull a straw out of a poor sea turtles nose.  Disgusting!

Find Steel Straws Here

Save The Planet Tip #2 - Use Reusable Organic Cotton Pads


Cotton plants use 16% of the world's pesticides (gross) which has dramatic impacts on animals and the environment.  Switch to reusable organic cotton pads and cut back on all that waste.  Or use old cotton pads to make yourself a sweet jacket for a loved one.

Save The Planet Tip #3 - Use Wool Dryer Balls


Use wool dryer balls to get rid of your dependency on those amazing smelling fabric softners.  The wool dryer balls are better for the environment and dry your clothes even faster!

You can find Wool Dryer Balls Here on Amazon

Save The Planet Tip #4 - Use Reusable Grocery Bags


This one should be an absolute no-brainer (as I look in my pantry at the piles of plastic bags from grocery shopping).  Plastic bags are taking over our oceans and killing just about everything.  There is a patch of garbage and plastic bags in the Pacific Ocean that is larger than the state of Texas!  So how can we fix this?  Well, first we get people out to clean up this garbage mess in the ocean and recycle all that junk like Norway does into amazing products (god bless you Norway).  Second, we all start to use reusable grocery bags that can be found generally at any store you visit.  

They only cost $3 and can make a world of difference.  Besides, plastic bags are becoming more and more frowned upon each day.  Why not make the change now!?

Save The Planet Tip #5 - Reusable Wrapping Paper


After every Christmas morning, I look at the floor and think "Wow, what a waste".  Generally, I am speaking about my Aunt's crazy sweatshirt she made for me that I will never wear, but this time I am talking about the wrapping paper we use and dispose of.  A great alternative solution?

Reusable wrapping paper like this on Amazon or just use old newspaper.  Hell, I am considering using my Starbucks receipts.  


Follow these simple tips to help save our planet.



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