8 Signs You're About To Get Ghosted

Top 8 Signs You're About To Get Ghosted By Your Date

I can't tell you how many times I have listened to my friends like "Oh yeah, they showed up to the date, they looked great, then they started texting someone, said they were going to use the bathroom and just left". Now, I have ghosted many people in my day but never have I simply just left someone while on a date. What kind of person ghosts on a date like that?

Regardless, there are some signs you should recognize when dating to potentially avoid being ghosted and having that whole embarrassing situation.

1. They Text You Back Short Answers


"Hey! I just wanted to let you know that I had an amazing time last night and it was so nice of you to walk me to the door. We should meet up later this week and go check out a movie or something. Anyway, have a great week!" - You

"Sweet" - Them

Notice the above ^? Seems off right. Go look at your text messages and think how you text the people you're interested in. Go ahead, I'll wait.


Perfect, now this doesn't always mean they aren't in to you. They could just be busy with life. Regardless proceed with caution. Interested people will usually give equal effort.

2. They Bail On You Constantly For Friends


"I'm looking forward to tomorrow night!" - You

"Hey, about that, I have a few things to take care of and I will text you right after" - Them

Now listen, sometimes things do come up and plans change. But if they bail on you and then you stumble across their Instagram story of them out doing shots with friends, there could be a explanation behind it or...perhaps they just aren't interested. So take note and just be on the lookout if it happens often.

3. You Start Talking About The Future And They Go Silent


You're sitting across from your date and you begin to talk about future plans with your date and they have a look similar to the gif above of nervousness. This is just a sign of caution. You might be pushing things a bit too quickly which ultimately will lead to them potentially ghosting you for someone who's just not ready.

Don't give up on them, but if you feel like it's going to go no where, feel free to ghost. You have my permission.

4. They Take Everything With Them To The Bathroom


"Hey, I am just going to run to the bathroom real quick **while grabbing jacket and breadsticks**" - Them

"But why do you have your jacket and the breadsticks?" - You

"Ummmm it gets ummm cold in the bathroom and well by time I come back these breadsticks might be cold." - Them

You watch as they walk towards the bathroom and then b-line it out the front door like Jason Bourne escaping assassins. Sorry, you've just been ghosted. Not really much to do, just make sure you don't get stuck with the bill!

5. They Are Very Protective About Everything


You find yourself in your dates living room with their phone sitting on the table in front of you as they go to the bathroom. Then, out of the corner of your eye, you see them peaking around the corner. "What are they hiding" you ask yourself. They could be hiding more dates perhaps.

Regardless, this isn't a total red flag. Just be protective yourself and see if your date has any of the other symptoms of ghosting.

6. You Give Them Your Life Story And In Return Nothing


You finish giving your life story and realize they have give nothing in return as they just glare back at you like the Hound from Game Of Thrones.

In this situation, either you just talk way too much or they have no interest in sharing information with you what so ever and they are just counting the minutes until they can leave you and go out with date number 2 that they semi like.

Or they are really into you and want to hear you talk. Either way, just put your guard up a little, mostly for that "House" face.

7. They Refuse To Make Plans


Every time you attempt to make plans with them they find a reason not to commit. I mean that's a no brainer right there.

8. You Catch Them Climbing Out The Window


Does this one really explanation? I mean you caught them climbing through a window.

Again, don't take these tips completely to heart as everyone is different.

And remember, there are always plenty of more fish in the sea. (argh that was lame just saying that)



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