Boyfriend Gets Revenge On Cheating Girlfriend On Her Birthday

Boyfriend Gets Revenge On Cheating Girlfriend On Her Birthday

Let's be honest for a minute here, there is never a good time to truly break up with someone but if they are cheating, well that's a whole different story.  

So let's break down this recent video from BarStoolSports (one of the greatest Instagram Accounts).

From what we can tell from the video, this girl's boyfriend (filming) has been putting a lot of thought into exactly how he wanted to break up with his girlfriend who he recently found out is allegedly hooking up with a guy named "Hubert" which infuriates him beyond her just cheating.

So what does he do?  He waits until her birthday, takes every single item of hers at his house and wraps them all up....for her birthday.  Genius!

Soon after, he calls his girl up to get dressed all nice and stop by to go out to dinner (from what we have heard).  The girlfriend shows up at the door and he blindfolds her (also well planning as she might have bolted before seeing the surprise).

While walking through the door he compliments her on how fine she looks and probably thinks to himself once again "how the hell you cheat on me with a guy named Hubert) and then the big reveal. 

She removes her blindfold and realizes that all of the presents are her things wrapped up and well...just watch the rest because I don't know why you are reading all of this.  



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