Detroit Gangs Fighting With Paintballs Instead Of Guns

Detroit Gangs Fighting Gang Wars With Paintball Guns?

Which would you rather have?  Gangs fighting with guns on the street, killing each other and others caught in the crossfire or gangs fighting one another in the most epic paintball battle that would rival a scene out of Saving Private Ryan.  Paintballs right?

So let's start out with the facts here...Detroit has the 2nd highest murder rate in the country and Gang Wars that have been raging on for years.  Being someone who grew up near Detroit I can tell you knew which areas avoid and how to keep your head on a swivel when hanging out downtown but I have to be honest...a lot has changed.

I flew to Detroit last weekend (lived in Florida now for 6 years) and there is a different vibe about the city.  It felt dare I say it "safe" in a new way.  I found myself walking with people in areas I previously would never consider going near late at night. 

So when I heard this story how Detroit gangs are now fighting wars with paintball guns instead of real guns I just had to share.


Check out the Vice News story on Detroit's gang paintball wars for a glimpse into what it is like fighting on the streets of Detroit with paintballs instead of lead.

Are Paintball Wars A Solution To Gang Violence?

To be honest, I have no clue and neither do you.  Yeah, it sounds like an incredible idea strapping up with a paintball gun and fighting with other neighborhoods and not being worried about being at the hospital with a gunshot wound, but there is one major issue with this. 

How do the police distinguish a paintball gun from a real gun?  Sure, it has a giant container (paintball hopper) on top and a nitrous tank that hangs off the back of it but it still looks like a gun.  If you're a Detroit police officer already on edge from being on the job, you're going to be taking no chances with your own life.  

Detroit Local News Story On Paintball War


My Take:  Listen, anything is better than killing so I am all for the paintball wars.  The solution?  Buy up one of those cheap city blocks and make it a free for all zone.  



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