Mexico's Exploding Hammer Festival In GUANAJUATO Is Insane!

Never in my life have I thought about strapping explosives to a hammer and striking it on a metal plate for fun or entertainment.  There is just something about going home after a festival with a belly full of beer rather than shrapnel from exploding hammers that sounds....well nice. 

Regardless I have to say that the Exploding Hammer Festival in a small town in Mexico is insane.  People come from all around to attend the exploding hammer festival in Guanajuato just for the chance to tape some good old gunpowder explosives onto the end of their sledgehammer and join dozens of their friends in a field to strike the sledgehammers into metal plates on the ground causing massive explosions that sometimes send shrapnel flying into spectators.  

Why do the people of Guanajuato Mexico Us Explosive Hammers To Celebrate?


That my friend is a great question that would take me hours of research and be studying only to have one "smarty pants" person on Facebook chime in with "Ummm...no this is incorrect because so and so is a celebration for so and so".  So...with that being said I have included this link for you to learn more about the Exploding Hammer Festival In Mexico below.

Read the history of Mexico's Exploding Hammer Festival



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