[GALLERY] Avengers Of The 90s

Who Would Play The Marvel Super Heroes In The 1990s?  

We as a society are obsessed with the Marvel Universe and all of the incredible stories and characters it has brought into our lives, but who would play some of our favorite Marvel Superheroes if the Marvel movies were made back in the 1990s?

So many options right?  

Lucky for us an artist that goes under the handle of HouseOfMat has created incredible poster concepts of all of his favorite choices for a Marvel Universe casted in the 1990s.  

Who would play Capitan America in The 1990s?

How about a man by the name of Leonardo Dicaprio!   I have to say that's a great choice.  Dolph Lundgren would play Vision (which is a so so casting in my eyes.  Perhaps Val Kilmer?)  Don't get me wrong.  Dolph is awesome, but Val Kilmer has more of that snarkiness and know it all attitude).

Warmachine would be played by Cuba Gooding Jr. and Sandra Bullock would play Black Widow?  Eh, I just don't see Sandra Bullock as much of a badass.  Heck, she couldn't even drive the bus without freaking out in Speed 2 (just saying).  I would go with someone like Angelina Jolie.  

ps:  Isn't HouseofMat artwork incredible?!


Who would play the Hulk in the 1990s?

None other than Agent Mulder (David Duchovny) would take on the role as Bruce Banner aka The Incredible Hulk (decent choice).  Denzel Washington would become the Black Panther and Ben Stiller would play Ant-Man.  Can you guess who Alicia Silverstone would play?  


Who would play Iron Man in the 1990s Marvel Universe? 

There is one person that I think would have made an incredible Iron Man if the Marvel movies were released in the 1990s ....and that man is Tom Cruise.  Let's face it, Tom Cruise makes incredible action films and would play that role very well.   Brad Pitt would of course play the part of Thor which is a decent pick and Eddie Murphy would play the Falcon.  


Check out more of his great work on his Instagram @houseofmat 



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