How To Survive A Tornado

How To Survive A Tornado

Here are a few tips that could help save your life in the event of a tornado touching down near you.

Surviving Tornado Inside Home


So previously we were being told that the bathtub is the safest place in your house if a tornado has touched down in your area but now experts are saying that the bathtub is the last place you want to be in your house.  

Why is the bathtub the least safest place in a tornado or hurricane?

Simple, bathtubs that are safe are the ones that are made out of cast iron and modern bathtubs are plastic.

So what is the safest thing to do according to the weather channel?  Find something to protect your head and plant yourself in a room with no windows and get low.

Surviving A Tornado Outside

You are in your car on the freeway and the weather gets ugly real quick and a tornado has just touched down.  What do you do?  Stay in the car, find an underpass or hide in a ditch?

Previously experts thought that an underpass would be the safest option during a tornado, but now new studies have shown that it could be just as dangerous as staying in your car due to debris and the possibility of being sucked out from the overpass into the tornado.

Now experts believe the safest place to be while outside during a tornado is to find a low ditch, lay down and cover your head.

Fingers crossed you never have to use these tips!



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