SpaceX Heavy Rocket Video Will Give You Chills!


Spacex Falcon Heavy Rockets Landing With Sonic Booms

If you were like me, then you were glued to your tv as Elon Musk's SpaceX program prepared to launch their Falcon Heavy Rocket into space and making history.  What was so special about Spacex's Heavy Rocket?  Well for starters it's the most powerful rocket (let me pause for a minute and google search that to make sure that the Spacex Heavy Rocket is indeed the most powerful rocket ever created....and yep, looks like it is the most powerful rocket ever used continuing on...).  The rocket consisted of 27 merlin engines which combined generated over five million pounds of thrust!

The payload inside the Spacex Heavy Rocket was non-other than Tesla's $100,000+ Roadster with a space-suited mannequin in the driver seat safely strapped in for the long 700 Million + year journey into the depths of space.  What's even cooler is the fact that David Bowie is playing on the Tesla Roadster radio during the entire journey (as far as I am aware of).  Check it out the Tesla Space Roadster Live Stream below!


Watch Tesla Roadster In Space Live Stream

This is the part that blows my mind.  Many years from now when we have the technology to freely travel in space.  A spaceship will be traveling somewhere in the depths of space and a Tesla Roadster will go flying by the space window and the lucky person that witnesses it will think back to this moment and wonder what it was like to watch the Spacex Falcon Heavy Rocket take off and what a historic moment it actually was. 


Listen To The Spacex Control Room During Heavy Rocket Launch and Rocket Landing

If you were watching the Spacex Rockets on tv come hurling into earth then land, just know that you weren't the only one that looked at the screen, then around at everyone else watching and mouthing "WTF?".  It looked like fake video as the Spacex Heavy Rockets came flying down out of the sky looking like they are going to crash land when suddenly they fire their engines causing two massive sonic booms that shook the earth before perfectly landing on their targets.

Now here is what I want you to do...take 5 minutes and just listen to the Spacex control room completely lose their minds as they make history and the Heavy Falcon Rockets return to earth to land safely.  It honestly gives me the chills that we are capable of such incredible things.  Then I think about the math involved and get a headache.


Why Is The Spacex Falcon Rocket So Important

So just why is the Spacex Falcon Rocket so important?  Well there is no better person to explain it than Elon Musk himself in the video above.  

Congratulations to Spacex and Elon Musk for this incredible achievement.  Can't wait to see what's next!

PS: Elon Musk was also spotted out at local bars on the coast after the launch buying drinks for his team. 



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