Thirsty Squirrel Approaches Hikers For Water

Thirsty Squirrel Asks For Water

What do you do when you're thirsty? You drive to the nearest store, buy a big bottle of water (that's practically free from the tap), guzzle down the bottle and throw it in the trash/recyclable bin. Then of course pause afterwords and hope your empty water bottle ends up being recycled into something useful and that it doesn't end up floating in the ocean somewhere.

Regardless, we have it pretty good. But what about all the other animals out there? Record breaking heat mixed with long lasting droughts are putting animals in desperate situations for water. Take this squirrel for instance. He actually approached a group of hikers in the hot Grand Canyon for a drink of water. It's sad and adorable at the same time.

Squirrels aren't the only animals asking for a little bit of H2o. Check out these videos of people giving water to King Cobras that have enough venom in one bite to kill a grown adult.

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