Top 5 Road Rage Videos Around The World - Who Is The Worst?

Top 5 Countries with The WORST Road Rage

You might be surprised at this list of the top 5 countries with the worst road rage and the video examples will make you want to take a taxi everywhere you go.

Warning:  Some videos have NSFW language, you know, in case you get offended by everything.

#5 Road Rage In China


I have watched enough Kung-Fu movies to know that everyone in China knows how to fight, or so that's what I thought.  This truck driver is cut off by a man in a Mercedes (of course because that's what they are known to do).  So the truck driver pulls over and confronts the man, which turns into an all-out brawl in the middle of the highway.  

#4 London


Of course London made the list of top 5 countries with the worst road rage.  Tiny streets, aggressive drivers and BMW drivers.  I don't know what's going on in this road rage video from London but I cringed every time these guys smashed their BMW into another expensive BMW or Mercedes.  Like dude, get out of the car and just deal with it.  Hopefully, all these guys go away for awhile in the paddy wagon. 

#3 Mother Russia (In Russian Accent)


It seems like almost all of the craziest road rage videos come out of Russia.  People flash AK 47s, knives, baseball bats and even axes....yes axes during road rage incidents.  My suggestion if you ever visit Russia?  Take a taxi or train and never rent a car.  If you do rent a car, bring every Affliction T-Shirt wearing friend you know. 

#2 America (of course)


Ahhh America...we freak out if Starbucks runs out of our favorite latte flavor so of course we come in at #2 for having some of the craziest road rage fights on the web and often times for ridiculous reasons.  Heck, I think Florida has some of the best road rage in the world besides New York. 

#1 Worst Road Rage Country - CANADA!


Canada is notorious for HORRIBLE road rage incidents and this video proves it!

Actually no, Canadiens are amazing and friendly people that know how to treat one another lol.



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