Top 10 Fireworks Fails From Around The Internet

Top 10 Fireworks Fails From Around The Internet

There are two main ingredients for the perfect fireworks fail video and this is careless people and well fireworks.  A complete recipe for disaster.  

For the most part, the average person is pretty responsible with their fireworks.  They make sure all the necessary precautions are being taken by having water on standby, making sure everyone is a safe distance away, they read the directions on the fireworks box and use a long lighter to light the fireworks. 

Then you have the people like myself.  We enjoy a cold beer in one hand, a lighter in the other and consider everyone around this to be responsible for their own 'destiny' as we light the fireworks with little to no pre-warning while we yell out "Hit The Deck"!

So take a moment out of your day for the OOoo's and Ahhhhhs of these crazy top 10 fireworks fails from around the internet. 

Video 10 Who Lit These Fireworks In My New Challenger!


Poor guy.  I can't imagine walking out to your car and seeing it not only inflames but fireworks exploding all around it and remembering you put all your 4th of July fireworks in your trunk! 

Video 9 - Ladies And Gentlemen We Have A Fireworks Special On Isle 3 - Fireworks At Walmart


So this guy was just walking around Walmart when all of a sudden he heard loud popping, turned around to see the entire Fireworks display at Walmart was on fire and exploding everywhere.  

I can't believe how calm everyone is standing around.  This looks like a scene out of Idiocracy 2


Video 8 - Fireworks Wars In New York City


Ok, I have watched some incredible fireworks wars and participated them in my day but this woman is walking around a burb in New York City with a brick of mortar fireworks firing them at people on the other side of the street without a care in the world.  

Dangerous?  Yes, but ohhhh so much fun to watch.  

Video 7 - Run For Your Lives!  The Fireworks Are On The Loose!


Youtube "Fireworks Fails" and you will get this timeless piece over and over again.  Guy lights firework, firework falls over, everyone runs for cover and explosion after explosion. 

Video 6 - Man Lights Firework From Butt 


Ok, I have done some dumb things with fireworks in my day like accidentally light my tree fort on fire but never have I been like "Oh man, you know what would be amazing?  If I just like ummm lit this bottle rocked from the butt crack".  

In case you didn't know this, there are a few videos like this on the web and almost all of them have ended with the person having 3rd degree burns on their butt.  No thanks and please never try this at home. 

Video 5 - Handicap Man Front Row Seats To Fireworks Display


I don't know who this Terry guy is but he should really consider getting himself some new friends and an electric wheelchair that has a quicker reaction time.  Poor guy gets stuck next to the fireworks in his handicap chair as the fireworks begin to blow off.   Glad Terry made it out ok.  

Video 4 - Harry Potter Roman Candle Fight In Chicago


This video is a few years old now but wow....still as wild.  Dozens of teenagers got together in the streets of Chicago to battle it out with Roman Candle Fireworks in the middle of the street!  

Watching this video I am cringing the entire time thinking about taking a roman candle in the eye or mouth.  Not sure what the results were of the war, but wow does this look wild. 

Video 3 - Christina's Firework Fail


This video is actually from New Years.  Someone gave this girl Christine a bottle rocket and what a bad idea that was. 

Christina lights the bottle rocket and forgets to let it launch into the sky and instead throws it to the ground which then goes flying off into a group of people.  Hope everyone is ok, but please never let Christina touch a firework again.

Video 2 - Wake Up Bro, We've Got Fireworks


What do you get when you mix 100+ blackcat fireworks and a sleeping roommate?   The greatest wakeup call ever.  My heart would be beating out of my chest. 

Video 1 - Bootleg Fireworks Fail


Still the reigning champion of Fireworks Fails is this one titled "Bootleg Fireworks Fail".  Someone lights a bootleg firework in the middle of the street and it turns the neighborhood into a war zone with everyone running for cover.



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