High Tea Refill: Ariana Swipes at Taylor


Here's a quick rundown of everything you missed on High Tea!

  • Cardi B and Offset welcome baby girl Kulture! I absolutely love the name Cardi and Offset went with! Coming up with random "unique" names is kind of the norm now, and it's not like Cardi or Offset have super basic average names themselves. So to assume little Cardi was going to walk out with anything like Brenda was foolish from jump. And how gorgeous is Cardi in the birth announcement pics?!
  • Forbes magazine named Kylie Jenner one of the youngest "self made" billionaires in it's latest issue, which has a few people tweaked. I don't care enough about Kylie Jenner to put any energy towards that one way or the other, but I will say, there are a lot of people who come from money and have all of the advantage and privilege and opportunity in the world and squander it. That doesn't mean, however, that we completely overlook the fact that she had all of those things and wasn't some grassroots/GoFundMe gal with a couple of lip kits and a dream. But good for her for getting a good return those lip injection investments. "Now that's how you flip a brick" 
  • Ariana Grande swiped at Taylor Swift (allegedly) in her new Elle Magazine interview (which she looks GORGEOUS in btw) when asked whether or not celebs should get political. She said (copy and pasted): "A lot of mainstream top 40 types—those who, say, have a certain Reputation—are seemingly reluctant to take a political stance. The fear being, presumably, a loss of fan base and revenue." I completely agree with Ariana, to a certain extent. I think artists should speak and show support on important issues like Black Lives Matters, issues pertaining to the LGBT community etc, but when it reaches a point where they're pandering to bandwagon supporters to push their own products, appearances etc. it becomes a little problematic. I don't necessarily feel like enough people are able to finesse and walk that line, Taylor Swift being one of them. So maybe in that instance silence is better? What do you think?


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