High Tea Refill: Kylie Jenner "Mom-shamed"


Here's a quick recap of anything you might've missed on High Tea!

  • Kylie Jenner was "mom-shamed" on social media for piercing her 5 month old daughters ears. Now, I don't know anything about being a mom, however, I do know that people can be super disgusting to one another (for whatever reason) when it comes to telling others how they should be one. And I can't imagine being a new mom (regardless of wealth or help) is a walk in the park emotionally or physically. So not to defend Kylie Jenner but, stop being lame to people under the guise of "helping."
  • Beyonce might already be mapping out a solo tour for 2019! Now I still firmly believe that Beyonce is pregnant.. Why else would her and Jay debate cancelling the rest of a tour that's doing so well? If they were to do that, Bey would have plenty of time to give birth and recover before embarking on the solo tour she's apparently already scouting for locations in South America. She's also allegedly planning on following up her and Jay's Louvre visuals with a video at the Coliseum (she wasn't able to rent it out but the country is "seeing what they can make work") I love Jay Z, but I would much rather they call things off, have baby #4, rest up, and Beyonce give us a new album/amazing show in 2019
  • Paris unnecessarily drags Lindsay on Instagram.. again. Paris Hilton has been taking swipes at Lindsay through social media and the paps for the last couple of months and it's a little... pathetic. Lindsay is off in Greece or wherever she's bouncing around, opening up night clubs, allegedly building Lohan Island (where I will be moving to and never returning once it's open for business).. She doesn't have time for petty drama. And Paris, why aren't you going after Kim, or Nicole, or literally anybody else? Going after a "weaker" target just because you know you can? Not hot 


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