High Tea Refill: Demi Overdoses

  • Now, I've made it abundantly clear my disdain for all things Demi. That doesn't mean, however, that it wasn't still upsetting to see the news of her overdosing at an after party at her house Tuesday morning. I think my main issue with her has always been this smug sense of superiority that came with her talk of sobriety. It never fully felt like it was to genuinely help other people so much as it was a very self indulgent display. That coupled with her need to lash out at anyone who made jokes (which can be a coping mechanism for some) about those particular subjects, has always been my main gripe with her. But I'm cautiously optimistic that she'll use this experience to really help people, especially with this happening the day after the seventh anniversary of Amy Winehouse's passing. Not everyone wins their battle or gets the opportunity to have a second chance with a massive platform to do good.
  • The New York Post put out an article saying "Everything Britney Spears did, Taylor Swift did better," which obviously upset fans and anyone else with a functioning brain. Taylor, nor any of the pop girls doing what their doing nowadays, comes anywhere near what Britney (or her peers) did when they were that age. But instead of falling into that trap of comparing two thriving female entertainers, why don't we ask why we don't ever compare men in the same way? There's never a poll to see which awkward white boy with a guitar is better than the rest, why continue to pick apart and attempt to create conflict between women who have unique, distinct brands? Stop being corny.
  • Nicki Minaj has been receiving tons of backlash for collaborating with rapper 6ix9ine who admitted to using a 13 year old girl in a sex act on video several years ago. Nicki squandering her talent on a 22 year old carbon copy rapper reeks of desperation. She doesn't need to worry about competing in a Cardi B world because what her and Cardi bring to the table are two completely different things. If she truly didn't feel threatened and believed that, I feel like we'd be seeing a completely different Nicki with this Queen rollout. I'm hoping we get a solid album, but after seeing her recent performances/antics, I'm only cautiously optimistic. 


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