A Queen's Fitness Dream: Day 1


I still remember the day I took the picture on the right up top, and feeling like I had a mountain of work ahead of me before I looked "just right." I would probably give anything to get back to being in that shape again. About two years ago at this point, I lost a little over 150 pounds. I felt amazing, I was dressing how I had always wanted, and I was the most confident I've ever been. I made a huge mistake though: I got comfortable.


One thing I've noticed about people that lose a considerable amount of weight: Once they reach their lowest (whether they know at the time that that's the most they're gonna lose or not), they eventually gain a teeny bit back until they level out and get to a comfortable in between weight. I got way too comfortable in my in between phase. I was gaining here and there, but who cares? "You were too skinny to begin with. You looked sick!" I was still able to fit into all the cute clothes I wanted, I was still feeling great, but working out was getting harder and harder. Eventually, I stopped altogether.


I've spent more than enough time though being upset about something I know I can fix with the right mindset. So when my best friend Katie suggested I try the Whole30 diet with her, it all kind of felt right. I've been doing a diet incredibly similar to the program already, so with a couple tweaks and the removal of cheat days, I should be good to go. 

I've got a soon to be two year old God daughter and a nephew on the way that I'd like to have the energy to run around with. I'll also be 30 in two months and would like to go into my 30's feeling and looking as good as I know I can. I'd also really like to go through this and allow myself to really enjoy the process. The first go around, I had an incredible support system, but was in a constant state of panic. I was constantly weighing myself and obsessing over each and every thing I ate, worrying that I was wasting the time of everyone helping me. I didn't fully allow myself to relish in being in the best shape I've been in so far. So I figure blogging my progress will hopefully help keep me accountable, while allowing me to maintain a modicum of sanity by sharing stories back and forth with you. Let's help each other get out of the comfortable space a lot more... comfortably. 



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