A Queen's Fitness Dream: Day 12


When I initially lost weight 3 years ago, at my heaviest, I weighed 363lbs and got down to 213lbs at my lowest. When I gained, I didn't gain it all back, but I got back up to 342lbs (eek, I know). 

I knew when I set out to do this again, I absolutely did not want to weigh myself a ton. I knew what my new starting weight would be, but I really wanted to put the emphasis on how I was feeling and moving and looking, not what a plastic square on the ground was telling me. This past weekend I randomly decided to hop on my buddy Matt's scale, however, and I am very excited to say that I am now down 40 pounds to 302lbs! I've certainly got a ways to go before I'm where I'd like to be, but I already feel so much better, and that was definitely an added boost to my motivation!

Speaking of this past weekend, we are officially in the middle of birthday season! Between my friends and family, there's some sort of birthday something going on almost every weekend between now and Thanksgiving. Which means there are lots and lots of opportunities for temptation. For me, cutting out alcohol and being around a bunch of people drinking at a party or an event isn't so much a big deal. I have other things that are a lot more... chill that I can do to enjoy the party. What I've noticed I really struggle with is meal/snack prepping for social situations. If we're going out to a restaurant it's usually not difficult to find something that fits my diet that I can grab, but if it's dinner at someone's house or a party, I try to always remember to pack something so I'm not awkwardly in the corner hanging out while everyone is chowing down.

Lately I've been doing a lot of super lean ground turkey with broccoli or snow peas or red potatoes, and I basically go everywhere with a bottle of hot sauce or brown mustard now. I'm only doing two meals a day, with apples for breakfast or when I'm feeling snackish, but I know I need to up that, especially if I'm going to start incorporating work outs (which I desperately need to do). I'm satisfied with what I'm eating, but am also aware of how incredibly basic it is. What are some recipes or snacks you use throughout the week? Again, we're helping each other get out of that comfortable space a lot more comfortably. I wanna know what's working for you!  



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