High Tea Refill: Nicki's Mom Tells All

  • Nicki Minaj's mother Carol announces she plans on doing a tell all interview this Saturday (Aug 11th) where she'll discuss her son's trial and "WHAT THE COURT DON'T WANT U TO KNOW." If you didn't know, Nicki's brother was found guilty of raping his step daughter over an extended period of time, starting when she was 11 years old. He was found guilty, and a lot of people speculate that that drama is what had a lot to do with her Freeform show being cancelled before it even started. Nicki's mom Carol (I love that her mother's name is Carol btw) doesn't believe that her son was guilty and that he was set up. Nicki should ABSOLUTELY shut this down. The only thing that would make her mother doing this interview acceptable would be a 20/20 style sit down where they discuss how the family has been reacting and supporting the child, how it's effected Nicki and her upcoming projects, and something on how you can get help if you're in a similar situation. Anything else is and will be a mess.
  • Demi Lovato released the statement up top following her overdose, right before entering a treatment program. Is it great that she's using her platform and being a voice for addiction issues? Yes. But again, this all feels very self serving. I don't think she needed to put out a statement. Britney, Selena, Beyonce, Rihanna, plenty of artists who have had traumatic things happen to them and deal with the aftermath in their own time away from the spotlight. Putting out a statement and connecting with us at a time like this, it more so to me just feels like a move to keep things okay with Demi the brand more than anything else.
  • Carrie Underwood is facing back lash from moms after she said her dreams of having a big family with lots of kids is probably unrealistic for her, now that she's 35 years old. Shut up. I'm more offended that she spent as much time as she did talking about her facial disfigurement that wasn't even a real thing. Had Carrie said, "Any woman over the age of 35 trying to start a large family is reckless," I would understand the backlash. But she was just speaking for her own personal preferences. And honestly, if you've got the time to take anything Carrie Underwood says to heart, reevaluate. 


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