High Tea Refill: Nicki Almost Killed Ex

  • Nicki Minaj and ex Safaree Samuels got into a subtweeting fight yesterday where is was a basic back and forth of them claiming to have compromising emails on one another. Nicki had screenshots of Safaree being broke, Safaree had screenshots of Nicki wanting to spend the holidays together to "fix" their relationship. Safaree then claimed that at one point during a fight between the two of them, Nicki cut him so badly with a knife that he had to be taken to the emergency room. He also claimed that it was so bad he had to lie and tell them he had attempted to kill himself so she wouldn't be arrested. He didn't say whether or not this happened before or after they became famous, but I would imagine if that did in fact happen, there would've been news of him being baker acted afterwards (which is usually the case I believe when someone attempts suicide). Either way, this is just another unnecessarily messy moment in Nicki's Queen rollout that she's too big to even entertain. Ignore it Queen. 
  • Demi's reps have spoken out for her plans moving forward, which apparently involves several months of an extensive rehab program and weeding through the people in her inner circle to ensure she gets back and stays on track with her sobriety. I kinda feel like this is a no brainer. Again, I don't care for her, but I'm glad she got a second chance, and I hope it's used for good and not something incredibly self indulgent.  
  • Post Malone said he deleted Safari off of his phone after googling himself and seeing various publications referring to him as a "walking STD" and a "human snot bubble." I will say, I find stories about people meeting him and puking from the stench hilarious, but taking it that far is a bit much. However, I would think pulling up my bank app and seeing the balance Post Malone has would snap me out of any depression.


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