Beyoncé Accused of Sexual Assault


You know, I was just talking with my friend the other day about what would happen if Beyonce and Jay-Z were to be accused of some sort of #MeToo activity. It seems some people get a pass (ahem) while others don't. Not that I think either of them would be guilty of anything as awful as that, but for conversations sake, I was curious.

Enter stage left: Beyonce's former drummer Kimberly Thompson. Kimberly claims Beyonce practices dark magic for financial and career gains, and that she cast some sort of wicked spells over her that allowed Bey to take advantage of her sexually. Oh, and she also claims Beyonce killed her cat for fun. Do I think any of this is true? Absolutely not. But if you'd like to read more into it, click here. I will say, however, a bisexual Beyonce who casts evil spells and kills cats for sport sounds like a much better American Horror Story theme than anything Ryan Murphy has served us as of late.



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