Moving 5 Times in Less Than a Year.

So a study shows that the average person moves about 11.7 times during their lifespan. Why am I kicking off my third blog with fun facts? Because this study makes one thing very clear to me, I’m everything but normal. Believe it or not, in less than a year I moved 5 times! Why and how? It’s a long story folks.

So sit back & get comfy, for a bit of Selena history.

Getting a little personal, on March 24th I moved from Boston to Jacksonville (Move #1). I was going through the most difficult time of my life, at the time I decided to move to Jacksonville. Not sure if I was going through Stockholm syndrome or if I just refuse to give up on people I care for. But I moved down to Jacksonville with my Ex. Yes ladies & gentlemen! While still in Boston & feeling stuck in a domestic violence relationship. A part of me thought it was a good idea to sell all my belongings, shut down my business & move away from my family with my abuser. Not my smartest idea when I think about it now. But it just felt like that right thing to do at the time.

Honestly, the more I think about it now, the more I fall in love with Ariana Grande’s Thank you Next song! When she sings “Im So Grateful for me Ex”, I literally am!No I don’t miss him, or still have feelings for him, or even think about him. But I do thank him for taking me to my breaking point. He took me to a point where I had no option but to do better, be better.

Through that experience, I found myself.

I got to know my true strengths.

I got to know & love myself. Accept my flaws and work on them daily, to be a better me. And in the hard process, find someone that shows me every day what true love is.

Just in Jacksonville I had to move twice (Move# 2 & 3)! Just because I was terrified of my Ex. Luckily, not too long after putting a restraining order on him, I found myself a place that made me feel safe. It did take me some time to feel safe again. Many therapy sessions too. Domestic violence is traumatizing. & for those that might be stuck in any kind of domestic violence situation: You deserve better, you are worth it! Luckily after I was able to see & understand my value. I reanalyze my goals, and focus on being better me.I applied myself and worked my butt off.

By Dec 2018 my sacrifices and hard work finally paid off. I got offered my dream job! & also meet my soon to be husband Angel. I’m sure most of you guys already know I meet my future husband. But just in case you don’t, we meet while hosting together the Puertorican festival in Jax. He literally had me at, hello.

During our “dating period” Angel found out about my job opportunity & was beyond excited for me. He wasn’t too excited shortly after, when I told him it required me to move to Orlando and start new. As I continued my relocation processes, the future hubs and i decided to get more and more serious.

Once I had my official starting date, Move #4 from Jax to Daytona came along. I packed up my life in jax, talked to my cousin in NYC so I could stay in his house in Daytona Beach till I figured things out, and prepped for what was coming.

A new year, new job, new relationship & new city. Not gonna lie, affirmations became real to me all of 2018. But they became facts by the ending 2018 and welcoming 2019.

I welcomed 2019 In Daytona, and by the middle of January it was on to my last Move (#5). Once again packed all my junk, stuffed it in 3 cars and a moving van; & head straight down to Orlando.Probably one of the best decisions of my life, if I’m being honest.

I know I only been here about 4 months, but if feels like I have always belonged here. From the people, to the food & the parks to the beaches. I can truly say I LOVE ORLANDO.

& looking back at everything I been through, I sincerely wouldn’t change a single thing that’s brought me here.

Thank you for making me feel so welcome!

First Night in My New Orlando

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